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KS3 Fast French Quizzes

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Enjoyable online practice of Key Stage 3 for children aged 11 to 14

Fast and fun quizzes so you can practice French words you'll need to know to pass tests and exams with flying colours



If you are studying French then you need to familiarise yourself with as many words as you can. That’s where our super-fast revision quizzes come in. They are a great way to learn and revise French words which you will need to know in tests and exams.

In each quiz we will give you example words in French (or occasionally in English) and ask you to find the correct translation. It’s a fun and easy way to learn as many French words (and their meanings) as you can.

We have quizzes on all types of words from verbs and nouns to adjectives and adverbs, so you can quickly find the words you want to revise. They are much more enjoyable than sticking your head in a book, and so quick and convenient to play. Don’t believe me? Then try one out. We’re sure you will like learning and revising with Education Quizzes.

Want to see just how quick our Fast French quizzes are? Give one a go. We’re sure you’ll enjoy learning and rapidly revising each area of the French language.

Amusez-vous bien!

Quiz Title Options
Greek flag Adjectives - Nationalities and Colours Play
French girl laughing Adjectives to Describe Opinions Play
Smart French suit Adjectives to Describe People Play
Boy who is late for school Adverbs Relating to Time Play
French gatteau Key Phrases 01 Play
French girl sleeping Key Phrases 02 Play
Hungry French boy Key Phrases 03 Play
Happy New Year Key Phrases 04 Play
A running hare Nouns - Animals Play
A semi-detached house Nouns - At Home Play
Books in a library Nouns - Buildings Play
Girl wearing a wooly jumper Nouns - Clothes 01 Play
Statue of Liberty and the US flag Nouns - Countries Play
Polar bears against dramatic Arctic background Nouns - Days, Months and Directions Play
Books and education Nouns - Education Play
Some French cheeses Nouns - Food and Drink Play
Skeleton band Nouns - Health Play
Water skiing Nouns - Leisure Time Play
French girl with mobile phone Nouns - Mixed Bag Play
French musician Nouns - Work and School Play
Number thirteen Numbers Play
Girl with a toothache Phrases Relating to Illness Play
A small dog under a bed Prepositions Play
Girl waving goodbye Verbs - Most Common Play
French football match Verbs - Past, Present and Future Play
French and international stamps Verbs - Useful Ones to Know Play
Boy eating salad Verbs in the Future Tense Play
Teens searching on map Verbs in the Near Future Tense Play
French girl phoning friend Verbs in the Past Tense Play
A French castle Verbs Relating to Leisure Play

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