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Elle va - she's going.

Verbs - Most Common

What do ‘ils vont’, ‘nous disons’ and ‘je fais’ mean? How would you say, ‘we can’, ‘she’s going’ or ‘they are’?

Aged 11 to 14 and studying French? This rapid revision quiz was created to help you.

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Verbs can be one of the most difficult parts of learning French. Not only do you have to remember what each one means, but you also have to know how the words change when they are used with different pronouns. In this quiz we give you the chance to practice with some of the most common French verbs. See if you can match the correct ones from the forty given.

In each question you will be given a word or words in English. All you have to do is choose the French equivalent from the four choices offered.
You do (plural / formal)
Vous faites
Tu fais
Vous venez
Tu viens
Tu fais = you do (informal)
Vous venez = you come (plural / formal)
Tu viens = you come (informal)
You have (informal)
Vous avez
Tu es
Vous êtes
Tu as
Vous avez = you have (plural / formal)
Tu es = you are (informal)
Vous êtes = you are (plural / formal)
You say (plural / formal)
Vous allez
Tu dis
Vous dites
Tu vas
Vous allez = you're going (plural / formal)
Tu dis = you say (informal)
Tu vas = you're going (informal)
He has
Ils ont
Il va
Ils vont
Il a
Ils ont = they have (masculine)
Il va = he's going
Ils vont = they're going (masculine)
They are (feminine)
Elles font
Elles sont
Elle est
Elle fait
Elles font = they do (feminine)
Elle est = she is
Elle fait = she does
We can
Nous pouvons
Nous disons
Nous voulons
Nous portons
Nous disons = we say
Nous voulons = we want
Nous portons = we wear
She's going
Elle va
Elles vont
Elle a
Elles ont
Elles vont = they’re going (feminine)
Elle a = she has
Elles ont = they have (feminine)
He is
Ils sont
Il fait
Il est
Ils font
Ils sont = they are (masculine)
Il fait = he does
Ils font = they do (masculine)
I have
Je vais
Je suis
Je fais
Je vais = I'm going
Je suis = I am
Je fais = I do
We do
Nous faisons
Nous allons
Nous avons
Nous sommes
Nous allons = we're going
Nous avons = we have
Nous sommes = we are
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Author:  Graeme Haw

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