French football match
Je jouais - I used to play.

Verbs - Past, Present and Future

What do ‘ce sera’, ‘je vais rester’ and ‘je mangeais’ mean? How would you say, ‘I drank’, ‘I used to be’ or ‘I'm going to travel’?

In year 7, 8 or 9 and studying French? This fun to play rapid revision quiz was written just for you.

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As you know, verbs are the words we use to describe things we ‘do’, things we ‘have done’ and things we ‘will do’. To differentiate between the past, present and future we have to use different tenses. In this quiz we look at how to use some French verbs in the past, present and future tenses. The more often you see these in action, the better prepared you will be for tests and exams. Have a go at this quiz and see how many answers you know. It’s a great way to learn and to revise French.

In each question you will be given a word or words in English. All you have to do is choose the French equivalent from the four choices offered.
I'm going to travel
Je voyage
J'ai voyagé
Je vais voyager
J'ai pris
Je voyage = I travel
J'ai voyagé = I travelled
J'ai pris = I took
I used to be
Je faisais
J'ai fini
J'acheterai = I will buy
Je faisais = I used to do
J'ai fini = I finished
It was
Ce sera
Ça va être
Ce sera = it will be
C'est = it is
Ça va être = it is going to be
I want
Je porte
Je jouais
Je fumais
Je veux
Je porte = I wear
Je jouais = I used to play
Je fumais = I used to smoke
I went
Je vais aller
Je suis allé
Je vais
J'ai vu
Je vais aller = I'm going to go
Je vais = I go
J'ai vu = I saw
I stay
Je suis resté
Je vais rester
Je reste
Je suis arrivé
Je suis resté = I stayed
Je vais rester = I'm going to stay
Je suis arrivé = I arrived
I like
Je n'aime pas
Je déteste
Je n'aime pas = I don't like
Je déteste = I hate
J'adore = I love
I drank
J'ai bu
Je bois
Je vais boire
Je buvais
Je bois = I drink
Je vais boire = I'm going to drink
Je buvais = I used to drink
I waited
J'ai attendu
J'ai regardé
Je suis entré
Je suis sorti
J'ai regardé = I watched
Je suis entré = I went in
Je suis sorti = I went out
I'm going to eat
Je mangeais
Je vais manger
J'ai mangé
Je mange
Je mangeais = I used to eat
J'ai mangé = I ate
Je mange = I eat
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Author:  Graeme Haw

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