Boy eating salad
Je mangerai salade - I will eat salad.

Verbs in the Future Tense

What do ‘je prendrai’, ‘je tomberai’ and ‘je sauterai’ mean? How would you say, ‘I will have’ or ‘I will finish’?

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When we speak or write we don’t only describe the present. We want to talk about things that have already happened (in the past tense) or things which will happen (in the future tense). In this quiz we look at how to use some verbs in the future tense. How to say you ‘will’ do something. Have a go and get some practice using the future tense in French.

In each question you will be given a word or words in English. All you have to do is choose the French equivalent from the four choices offered.
I will be
Je serai
Je saluerai
Je sauterai
Je saurai
Je saluerai = I will greet
Je sauterai = I will jump
Je saurai = I will know
I will finish
J'ai fini
J'ai pris
Je finirai
Je prendrai
J'ai fini = I finished
J'ai pris = I took
Je prendrai = I will take
I will eat
Je mange
J’ai mangé
Je mangerai
Je suis en train de manger
Je mange = I eat
J’ai mangé = I ate
Je suis en train de manger = I am eating
I will do
J'ai fait
Je ferai
Je fais
Je n'ai pas
J'ai fait = I did
Je fais = I do
Je n'ai pas = I did not
I will go
Je suis allé
Je viens
Je vais venir
Je suis allé = I went
Je viens = I come
Je vais venir = I will come
I will travel
J'ai voyagé
Je voyage
Je voyagerai
Je volerai
J'ai voyagé = I travelled
Je voyage = I travel
Je volerai = I will fly
I will work
Je tomberai
Je travaillerai
Je tournerai
Je traduirai
Je tomberai = I will fall
Je tournerai = I will turn
Je traduirai = I will translate
I will have
J'ai eu
Je n'aurai pas
J’ai = I have
J'ai eu = I have had
Je n'aurai pas = I will not have
I will meet
J'ai rencontre
Je resterai
Je suis resté
Je rencontrerai
J'ai rencontre = I met
Je resterai = I will stay
Je suis resté = I stayed
I will live
Je dors
Je dormirai
J'habitais = I lived
Je dors = I sleep
Je dormirai = I will sleep
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Author:  Graeme Haw

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