Water skiing
Le ski nautique - water skiing.

Nouns - Leisure Time

What do ‘loisir’, ‘escalade’ and ‘planche à voile’ mean? How would you say, ‘hobby’, ‘horse riding’ or ‘things to do’?

In Year 7, 8 or 9 and studying French? This fast and fun revision quiz was written especially to help you.

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What do you like to do in your leisure time? Perhaps you have a hobby. There are so many different ways we can spend our spare time and this quiz looks at the French names for forty of them. Why not test yourself by playing the quiz? See how many of the words you know already – and how many you don’t. You can keep coming back to the quiz as many times as you like until all forty become easy to remember. It’s a fast and a fun way to revise.

In each question you will be given a word or words in English. All you have to do is choose the French equivalent from the four choices offered.
La plage
La chanson
Le choix
La pêche
La plage = beach
La chanson = song
Le choix = choice
La croisière
Le forum
La chorale
Le loisir
La croisière = cruise
Le forum = chat room
Le loisir = free time / hobby
Soap opera
Le feuilleton
Le fana
Le jeu télévisé
Le lèche-vitrine
Le fana = fan (someone with a strong interest in something)
Le jeu télévisé = game show
Le lèche-vitrine = window shopping
Le temps libre
Le tournoi
Le passe-temps
Le paysage
Le temps libre = free time
Le tournoi = tournament
Le paysage = landscape
Horse riding
La voile
Le volley
L’escalade = rock climbing
La voile = sailing
Le volley = volleyball
La vedette
La mode
La randonnée
La foire
La vedette = film star
La randonnée = walk / hike
La foire = fair (fete / gala)
Things to do
Les sports d’hiver
Les distractions
Les feux d’artifice
Les échecs
Les sports d’hiver = winter sports
Les feux d’artifice = fireworks
Les échecs = chess
Ice skating
Le skate
Le ski
Le ski nautique
Le patinage à glace
Le skate = skateboarding
Le ski = skiing
Le ski nautique = water skiing
Le jardin zoologique
Le parc d’attractions
Le jardinage
Le parc
Le jardin zoologique = zoo
Le parc d’attractions = theme park
Le parc = park
La musculation
La planche à voile
La plongée sous-marine
La natation
La musculation = weight training
La planche à voile = windsurfing
La plongée sous-marine = underwater diving
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Author:  Graeme Haw

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