A French castle
J'aime visiter des châteaux - I like to visit castles.

Verbs Relating to Leisure

What do ‘faire des promenades’, ‘jouer au foot’ and ‘’lire’ mean? How would you say, ‘to visit castles’ or ‘to play on the computer’?

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Verbs are the words we use to describe things we ‘do’. This quiz is all about some of the things we do in our spare time. For example, to watch TV, to go shopping, to relax or to read. Have a go at this quick quiz and learn or revise some of the French verbs for leisure time activities. It’ll come in very handy when you come to take tests and exams.

In each question you will be given a word or words in English. All you have to do is choose the French equivalent from the four choices offered.
To visit castles
Visiter des musées
Visiter des hôpitaux
Visiter des famille
Visiter des châteaux
Visiter des musées = to visit museums
Visiter des hôpitaux = to visit hospitals
Visiter des famille = to visit families
To smoke
Nager = to swim
Courir = to run
Escalader = to climb
To drink water
Boire de l'eau
Boire de l'alcool
Boire des boissons gazeuses
Boire du jus
Boire de l'alcool = to drink alcohol
Boire des boissons gazeuses = to drink pop
Boire du jus = to drink juice
To play on the computer
Jouer au foot
Jouer aux cartes
Jouer à des jeux
Jouer à l'ordinateur
Jouer au foot = to play football
Jouer aux cartes = to play cards
Jouer à des jeux = to play games
To travel
Aller = to go
Marcher = to walk
Venir = to come
To read
Bronzer = to sunbathe
Relaxer = to relax
Dormer = to sleep
To eat sweets
Manger des frites et des steak-hachés
Manger des fruits et legumes
Manger des bonbons
Manger du poisson et de la viande
Manger des frites et des steak-hachés = to eat chips and burgers
Manger des fruits et legumes = to eat fruit and vegetables
Manger du poisson et de la viande = to eat fish and meat
To go to the beach
Aller à la plage
Aller en ville
Faire des promenades
Faire du vélo
Aller en ville = to go into town
Faire des promenades = to go for walks
Faire du vélo = to cycle
To meet up with my friends
Écouter de la musique
Faire du sport
Regarder la télévision
Retrouver mes amis
Écouter de la musique = to listen to music
Faire du sport = to do sport
Regarder la télévision = to watch television
To go shopping
Faire du skate
Faire les magasins
Faire de la natation
Aller au restaurant
Faire du skate = to skateboard
Faire de la natation = to go swimming
Aller au restaurant = to go to a restaurant
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Author:  Graeme Haw

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