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Nouns - Buildings

What do ‘bijouterie’, ‘lycée’ and ‘immeuble de bureaux’ mean? How would you say, ‘tower’, ‘factory’ or ‘bus station’?

In Year 7, 8 or 9 and studying French? This fast and fun revision quiz was written especially to help you.

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There are many different types of buildings, from castles and towers, factories and shops, to houses and hotels. In this quiz we look at the French names for forty different kinds of building. These are all useful words to know. Imagine you are asking for directions and are told to turn right at the town hall. Well, if you don’t know the French word for town hall then you will come unstuck! Have a go and see how many of the words you know already – and how many you don’t. It’s a great way to revise for tests and exams.

In each question you will be given a word or words in English. All you have to do is choose the French equivalent from the four choices offered.
Le bâtiment
L'immeuble de bureaux
L’immeuble = block of flats
Le bâtiment = building
L'immeuble de bureaux = office block
Ice rink
La piscine
La patinoire
La charcuterie
Le cinéma
La piscine = swimming pool
La charcuterie = delicatessen
Le cinéma = cinema
Cake shop
La bijouterie
La boucherie
La pâtisserie
La boulangerie
La bijouterie = jeweller’s shop
La boucherie = butcher’s shop
La boulangerie = bakery
Firm / business
La ferme
Le marché
Le centre commercial
La ferme = farm
Le marché = market
Le centre commercial = shopping centre
La librairie
La bibliothèque
La poste
Les commerces
La bibliothèque = library
La poste = post office
Les commerces = shops
Bus station
La gare
Le grand magasin
La gare routière
La grande surface
La gare = railway station
Le grand magasin = department store
La grande surface = superstore
Le centre sportif
Le club des jeunes
La station-service
Le stade
Le centre sportif = sports centre
Le club des jeunes = youth club
La station-service = service station
La tour
Le château
La chambre d’hôte
Le tabac
Le château = castle
La chambre d’hôte = bed and breakfast
Le tabac = newsagent’s
La faculté
Le lycée
Le commissariat
La mairie
Le lycée = sixth form college / grammar school
Le commissariat = police station
La mairie = town hall
La maison
Le musée
L’hôtel de ville
Le foyer
La maison = house
Le musée = museum
L’hôtel de ville = town hall
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Author:  Graeme Haw

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