Some French cheeses
Du fromage - some cheese.

Nouns - Food and Drink

What do ‘de la confiture’, ‘des framboises’ and ‘un ananas’ mean? How would you say, ‘some vegetables’ or ‘some cheese’?

In Year 7, 8 or 9 and studying French? This rapid revision quiz was written for you.

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The more French words you know the better. That applies to all word types, but nouns are very useful to know. In this quiz we look at some French words for items of food and drink. Not only that, but we also look at the different ways you can say “some” in French using du, des, and de la. The more you practice the easier it will be when you come to take French tests and exams, so have a go at this quiz and revise some different foods and drinks in French.

In each question you will be given a word or words in English. All you have to do is choose the French equivalent from the four choices offered.
Some peas
Des carottes
Des petit pois
Des céréales
De la nourriture
Des carottes = carrots
Des céréales = cereals
De la nourriture = food
Some grapes
Des pâtes
Des raisins
Des poires
Des fraises
Des pâtes = pasta
Des poires = pears
Des fraises = strawberries
Some coffee
Du chocolat chaud
Du chou
Du café
Du coca
Du chocolat chaud = hot chocolate
Du chou = cabbage
Du coca = coke
Some jam
De la confiture
De la glace
De la viande
De l'eau
De la glace = ice-cream
De la viande = meat
De l'eau = water
A pineapple
Une banane
Un yaourt
Un ananas
Une boisson
Une banane = a banana
Un yaourt = a yoghurt
Une boisson = a drink
Some vegetables
Des fruits
Du poisson
Du poulet
Des légumes
Des fruits = fruit
Du poisson = fish
Du poulet = chicken
Le déjeuner
Le dîner
Le petit-déjeuner
Du thé
Le dîner = dinner
Le petit-déjeuner = breakfast
Du thé = some tea (drink)
Some cheese
Du jus d'orange
Du fromage
Du lait
Du pain
Du jus d'orange = orange juice
Du lait = milk
Du pain = bread
Some toast
De la pizza
De la salade
Du beurre
Du pain grillé
De la pizza = pizza
De la salade = salad
Du beurre = butter
Some raspberries
Des frites
Des pommes
Des pommes de terre
Des framboises
Des frites = chips
Des pommes = apples
Des pommes de terre = potatoes
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Author:  Graeme Haw

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