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KS3 Music Quizzes

Treble clef surrounded by musical notation
20 Enjoyable Quizzes for Years 7, 8 and 9

It turns out Music isn’t all about listening to Pop on full blast and dancing around on slidey floors with your socks on. Who knew?

KS3 Music will demonstrate there is method behind the musical masterpieces that we bob our heads along to.

Who knows, KS3 Music might even introduce you to the glorious world of classical music! (Give it a try. Just once. For us.) Each quiz has a link at the bottom to the relevant BBC Bitesize page for extra help if needed.

So what exactly does KS3 Music entail? What will your bright young minds be grasping in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9?

We are thrilled you asked, Young Musical Maestros...

Music is a vast topic. From arrangements to composition and an in-depth look at musical cycles, you’ll be astounded at everything you learn in our Music quizzes. That toe-tappingly good music you love has a big chunk of theory behind it and you will get the chance to pull back that mysterious curtain and learn what makes a song a success. You’ll find out about what’s typical in a happy song and what to expect from a sadder song. The blueprint of music is one that will open your eyes (well, ears) to the amazing world of composition and change the way you listen to music.

The best part about using Education Quizzes for your KS3 Music revision is we teach you everything in a fun and exciting way. By using our quizzes on Music, you can learn and revise everything the National Curriculum wants you to know, without feeling bored or uninspired. We’ve quizzified your education so tedious revision can be a thing of the past. We’re good to you, aren’t we?

It’s time to learn about soundscapes, key signatures, hooks and riffs.

Ready to get revising? The metronome is ticking...

For a full understanding about the curriculum KS3, take a look at our Understanding KS3 (Key Stage 3) page. It’s chockful of useful information.

Quiz Title Options
Arrangement 01 Arrangement 01 Play
Composition (Basics) 01 Composition (Basics) 01 Play
Form and Structure 01 Form and Structure 01 Play
Fundamental Elements of Music 01 Fundamental Elements of Music 01 Play
Hooks and Riffs 01 Hooks and Riffs 01 Play
Indian Musical Genres 01 Indian Musical Genres 01 Play
Jazz Chords 01 Jazz Chords 01 Play
Jazz Improvisation 01 Jazz Improvisation 01 Play
Music and Media 01 Music and Media 01 Play
Music for Dance 01 Music for Dance 01 Play
Musical Cliches 01 Musical Cliches 01 Play
Musical Cycles 01 Musical Cycles 01 Play
Musical Cycles 02 Musical Cycles 02 Play
Soundscapes 01 Soundscapes 01 Play
The Concerto 01 The Concerto 01 Play
The Overture 01 The Overture 01 Play
The Song 01 The Song 01 Play
Time and Key Signatures 01 Time and Key Signatures 01 Play
Variations 01 Variations 01 Play
Year 7 Revision 01 Year 7 Revision 01 Play
Year 8 Revision 01 Year 8 Revision 01 Play
Year 9 Revision 01 Year 9 Revision 01 Play

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