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Year 7 Revision 01
Test your music knowlege in this quiz.

Year 7 Revision 01

If you have finished Year 7 then you'll have learned a lot. But that means there is a lot you may have forgotten too! The following music quiz serves as a useful revision aid for Year 7 students, covering a range of topics from multiple units of the KS3 Year 7 syllabus. Hopefully, it will be enough to jog your memory!

Pitch, round and motif are in this Year 7 revision music quiz. They're terms you'll have come across already so you shouldn't find this quiz too difficult. There's plenty of stuff in here to test you and find out just how many of the things you learned in Year 7 you can remember.

Whether you are in Year 7 and want to refresh your memory, Year 8 and you want to go back over what you learned last year, or Year 9 and you want to revise everything you have studied in music lessons, this quiz is for you! Why not give it a bash and see just how much you have learned so far!

Musical cycles often feature repeated .......
All of the above
They can repeat one, or all, of the above
What best describes a 'round'?
A circular seating layout for performers of modern music
An alternative description for a movement in a concerto
The way acoustics travel around the building/hall
Where many voices sing a repeated tune at different times
Many nursery rhyme songs are arranged as a round
What does MIDI stand for?
Multi Instrument Digital Interface
Multi Instrument Dynamic Indication
Multitrack Inaugaral Dynamic Input
Musical Instrument Digital Interface
Just one MIDI link can carry 16 channels of information
'Tala' corresponds to what in western music?
Composition and Composer's titles on sheet music
Composer's dedication
Tala illustrates rhythmic patterns in Indian music
What motif structure best defines binary form?
AB (often repeated - AABB)
One section repeated several times
Binary form was most popular during the Baroque period (c1600-1750)
What is a note cluster?
A type of cereal musicians have for breakfast!
A played group of notes which are very close together
A really fast passage of music
All of the above
You can hear this in a lot of chordal piano/organ music
What music is most likely to feature verse and chorus?
Film scores
Also common in musicals and vocal rock tracks
What is a tempo?
The key signature
Pace or general speed of a composition
The time signature
None of the above
Examples: andante, allegro, largo etc.
Pitch is .......
a way of describing how high or low a note sounds
indicative of speed
representative of dynamic volume
None of the above
Notes on a piece of music indicate the pitch to play as well as how long to play the note for
What is the purpose of musical cliché in film?
To generate dramatic effect
To heighten the sense of excitement
To bring out emotion or warn the audience of danger
All of the above
The same can be said for game music, tv scores etc.
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Music

Author:  Thomas Daish

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