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Hooks and Riffs 01
It's the Beach Boys!

Hooks and Riffs 01

Hooks and riffs are parts of popular music looked at in KS3. This Hooks and Riffs quiz is about the technical vocabulary, effects and composition forms featured in Unit 10 of the KS3 Curriculum on music.

Pop songs often feature hooks and riffs. A hook is a musical phrase that stands out and is easily remembered. Hooks are often repetitive and they usually grab our attention. They are often said to be what makes a song popular with listeners.

A riff is a series of notes, a chord pattern or a musical phrase that is repeated. Riffs may form the introduction to a song and are often repeated throughout. Guitar riffs are the most famous type and they're common in pop music, rock music, rhythm and blues, and jazz. 

In the words of Victor Hugo, "Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." So, express yourself in this music quiz!

Popular songs often feature .......
verse and chorus
All of the above
Listen to any piece of pop music and you'll probably notice all three
What is a sequencer?
A type of loop pedal used by guitars
A repetitive passage (like an ostinato)
A type of computer program designed to playback notation
None of the above
You may think that sequencers are quite modern but they've been around for a long time. Pianolas (self-playing pianos) are in essence sequencers. They were invented in the 1800s
What is a sequence?
A series of quiet and contrasting chord progressions
A group of different time signature changes
An immediate of a motif/melodic passage at a different pitch
None of the above
These are extremely common in a lot of different types of music - try and get used to listening out for them when hearing a new piece for the first time
Which best describes a riff?
A repeated accompanying section of music
A quiet section of music
A sudden and loud section of music
None of the above
Usually a repeated chord progression, pattern, refrain or melodic figure, normally played by a band's rhythm section
What best describes 'groove'?
A popular catchphrase in the 1990s
A rhythmic 'feeling' created by a band's rhythm section
A type of music often heard in funerals
A wavy line usually written above notes on a score
Or sometimes described as a sense of 'swing'. Groove is found in a range of genres, e.g. funk, rock, fusion, soul etc.
What are emotional pop love songs often called?
'Screamo' metal tracks
Shred improvisations
None of the above
Ballads have their origin in story-telling songs of the Middle Ages
Which commonly feature in standard pop song form?
Instrumental Solo
All of the above
There are several features common to most pop songs
What is a hook?
A musical/lyrical phrase that stands out
A return to the beginning of the piece
A type of ostinato
An ornament usually found on the back of doors
Hooks are so named because they 'hook' the listeners attention
Where are hooks and riffs commonly found?
In baroque concertos
In Gregorian chants
In organ voluntaries
In popular music
They are standard parts of commercially popular songs
What is the effect of a repeated riff?
It's a timesaver for lazy composers!
It drags out the piece longer
It quickly becomes familiar to the listener
None of the above
It is often used for purposes of commercial gain
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Music

Author:  Thomas Daish

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