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Music for Dance 01
See if you can get full marks in this enjoyable quiz.

Music for Dance 01

What is the purpose of music? Well, many believe that it was originally intended to dance to and that's true for most types of music today. If you want to understand music then you'll need to know about music made for dancing. This quiz focuses upon the technical vocabulary, processes and context featured in the KS3 Music for Dance (year 8) Unit.

There are many types of dancing - group dances, such as line dancing, paired dances, such as ballroom or Latin American dancing, and improvised dance which is made up on the spot, like disco, rave or club dancing, Each of these styles is different but all music for dance will include tempo and ostinato which aid the dance.

"Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance," said Dave Barry. Similarly, it doesn't matter if you don't get all of these questions right first time - you can always come back and play the quiz as many times as you like. Just get up and play!

What does the term 'largo' refer to?
Repeat markings
Time signature
Try to memorise as many different tempo markings as possible when revising, they're extremely helpful to know!
A mnemonic is primarily a .......
dynamic marking
memory aid which helps with learning rhythms
tempo marking
Characteristic of Gota drumming
Cycles may be .......
All of the above
Or based on some other musical dimension
Eg ti pe tsa gah ki di gi and dza are .......
random lines of nonsense!
types of chant from the Middle Ages
examples of mnemonics for drumming
None of the above
It's true! These words all represent different sound and rhythm patterns
What is a common feature of Gota dance music?
Mnemonics used by performers
Contrasting rhythmic patterns
All of the above
You'll find all of these in most Gota music
What is Gota music?
A brass fanfare arrangement
A style of dance music from Africa
A type of Indian solo concerto
A type of modern disco music
Gota was originally a dance for medicine men but now it is performed for entertainment
In music, bars are characterised by .......
groups of 'strong and weak' beats
pedal lines
performance directions
playing them quietly
The strong beat usually being the first of each bar
The persistent repetition of motifs/phrases is .......
exemplary of ostinato
a warning of a piece coming to its end
common at the beginning of pieces
All of the above
Ostinato comes from the Italian word for 'stubborn' - probably because it persistently repeats
An ostinato is when .......
a section is played particularly loudly
the music stops
a motif/phrase is persistently repeated
None of the above
....... by the same musical voice, e.g. the 5/4 rhythm section in Gustav Holst's 'Mars'
African drummers commonly .......
play from a written notational score
strike a beat using their feet
verbalise sounds in their mind before playing
All of the above
One of the most famous African drums is the djembe. It's carved from a hollowed tree-trunk and covered in goat skin
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Music

Author:  Thomas Daish

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