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Key Stage 3 Citizenship

Illustration for KS3 Citizenship – Certificate and passport

Interactive Learning for KS3 Citizenship

Discover why quizzes are such an efficient way to learn and revise the KS3 subjects taught at secondary school. This teaching resource has a plethora of questions to help you revise and to reveal any gaps in your knowledge.

Subjects for Citizenship

The 10 quizzes in this section have clickable links below. Each quiz contains 10 questions, answers and helpful hints for Key Stage 3 Citizenship. Quizzes have titles that describe the subject and each one aligns with the KS3 National Curriculum for children aged 11 to 14 in Years 7, 8 and 9.

Quiz Title Options
Community Living 01 Community Living 01 Play
Crime and Punishment 01 Crime and Punishment 01 Play
Diversity 01 Diversity 01 Play
Government 01 Government 01 Play
Government 02 Government 02 Play
Government 03 Government 03 Play
Media 01 Media 01 Play
Rights and Responsibilities 01 Rights and Responsibilities 01 Play
UK 01 UK 01 Play
Volunteering 01 Volunteering 01 Play

KS3 Citizenship Introduction

Relax for a while - play the video and enjoy watching and learning about the topics you need to study for KS3.

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