Volunteering 01
Would you like to be a volunteer one day?

Volunteering 01

This KS3 quiz challenges you on volunteering. There are about a dozen different definitions of the word volunteer. As a Citizenship student, you will have been taught that many people work to help others without being asked to and without being paid. These people are called volunteers. If you volunteer for something, you offer your services without being asked or forced to do so, usually without any payment..

Volunteers are most often associated with charity work. Charities need paid staff to look after the running of the charity. But many of the things that charities do last only for a short space of time and so do not require permanent staff. For example, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is a charity that has lifeboats stationed around the coasts of the UK.

If the RNLI employed permanent lifeboat staff, the wages bill would be a lot more than its income from donations. Lifeboat volunteers have paid jobs but when they go out on a rescue, the RNLI does not pay them.

It is not only charities who have volunteers. Local councillors volunteer their services to help the local authority. Local people are then asked to elect who they want to be on the council from the volunteers. They are not paid for these services. Clubs and societies in cities, towns and villages depend on people volunteering to organise things. In inner cities, volunteers run schemes for local people in deprived areas, setting up communal gardens and other useful local initiatives.

Lots of people also volunteer to do something that will raise money for a specific cause e.g. for the RSPCA or to buy a local disabled child something that will help to make their life better. They contact as many people as possible, like friends, family and work colleagues, to donate a small amount of money when they have completed whatever it was they decided to do. The people who donate money in this way are called sponsors.

Voluntary organisations are sometimes called what?
Charities mainly rely on donations to fund their activities
Which voluntary organisation started in 1863, inspired by Swiss businessman Henry Dunant?
Blue Cross
Green Cross
Red Cross
White Cross
The Red Cross is an international organisation. It trains volunteers how to carry out first aid so that they can save lives
What does RNLI stand for?
Regional Nautical Living Income
Reinstall Normal Life International
Royal Namesake Lineage Incorporated
Royal National Lifeboat Institution
Most lifeboat crew members are unpaid volunteers
Which of these is a purpose of volunteering?
To raise money
To save lives
A sense of achievement
All of the above
These are just a few reasons, there are many more
Susan volunteered to help tidy the park in her village. What kind of volunteer work is this?
A lot of people volunteer to help less fortunate people abroad but you don't have to go that far. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer closer to home
Which region is not served by 'Save the Elephants'?
The other region served is Gabon. There are no wild elephants in Tokyo!
Tom is disabled and can't walk. His Dad volunteered to do a parachute jump to raise money. Which of the following is the most likely reason for this?
He had always been a daredevil
He wanted a new television
In order to pay off the mortgage
To get Tom an electric wheelchair
Some people do some amazing things to raise money for members of their family who are disabled or have a serious illness
How did Tom's Dad raise the money?
By asking for a pay rise at work
By asking people to sponsor his jump
By raiding Tom's piggy bank
By taking out a bank loan
The sponsors do not receive anything in return for their donation other than the knowledge that they are helping somebody out who is in a worse situation than themselves
What is the part time volunteer force of the British Army?
Black Berets
Red Arrows
Salvation Army
Territorial Army
The TA forms about a quarter of the overall manpower strength of the British Army
Helping others without reward could be described as .......
The other three possible answers are exactly the opposite of selfless
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - How can I bring about change?

Author:  Frank Evans

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