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Key Stage 3 Design and Technology

Illustration for KS3 D and T – Surreal design

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Interactive Learning for KS3 D and T

Discover why quizzes are such an efficient way to learn and revise the KS3 subjects taught at secondary school. This teaching resource has a plethora of questions to help you revise and to reveal any gaps in your knowledge.

Subjects for Design and Technology

The 22 quizzes in this section have clickable links below. Each quiz contains 10 questions, answers and helpful hints for Key Stage 3 Design and Technology Quizzes have titles that describe the subject and each one aligns with the KS3 National Curriculum for children aged 11 to 14 in Years 7, 8 and 9.

You’ll have to communicate your ideas quickly and effectively. Nobody wants to sit around for three hours while you talk about your latest waterproof hat with built-in earphones; they want an efficient and snappy summary that covers all the key areas. (By the way, do you have any of those hats left? We’ll take five).

KS3 Design and Technology will last through Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9. In that time, you’ll learn a plethora* of exciting things, all from the National Curriculum.

We’ll kick off the D and T learning extravaganza with a breakdown of the best ways to communicate your ideas. There’s no point learning how to be a spectacular inventor if you don’t know how to keep people’s attention! Once we’re done with that, we’ll take a look at everybody’s favourite thing - food! Food uses D and T as much as anything else and we’ll give you the rundown of how it works. Then we’ll look at Needs and Likes - all about the buying process and how to encourage purchases, before rounding it off with a look at Resistant Materials and Textiles.

And of course, you don’t have to complete all our quizzes in that order! If you’re feeling particularly daring, you can complete them backwards, or just at random. Whatever takes your fancy, little Einsteins!

Let’s get creating.

*Plethora is our word of the day. It means a large amount of something. Use it wisely, young wordsmiths.

If you’d like to know all there is to know about KS3, check out KS3 For Children Aged 11 to 14.


Quiz Title Options
Communicating Ideas 01 Communicating Ideas 01 Play
Communicating Ideas 02 Communicating Ideas 02 Play
Food 01 Food 01 Play
Food 02 Food 02 Play
Needs and Likes 01 Needs and Likes 01 Play
Needs and Likes 02 Needs and Likes 02 Play
Resistant Materials 01 Resistant Materials 01 Play
Resistant Materials 02 Resistant Materials 02 Play
Textiles 01 Textiles 01 Play
Textiles 02 Textiles 02 Play

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