Needs and Likes 02
Colour is the element that has the most emotional impact on people.

Needs and Likes 02

This KS3 Design and Technology quiz takes a further look at needs and likes. Needs are requirements, whereas likes are preferences. What makes something beautiful? Not everyone agrees - it depends on our individual taste and our culture. Designers work with a number of visual elements to arrange them into a single, harmonious whole. Colour, texture and form are all carefully considered in order to make a design appeal to as many people as possible.

Designers, including advertisers, know that colour can have a subconscious influence on how people feel about an object. Different colours have different effects on people, for example red is an 'aggressive' colour but green is a 'calm' colour. A designer would used red when they want to create a sense of excitement about their product or green if they want to convey the impression that their product would reduce stress. Colours can be chosen from colour wheels to be either contrasting or complementary.

What kind of 'board' might you use in relation to design?
A blackboard
A surfboard
An image board
An ironing board
Image boards can help you understand people's lifestyle and what might appeal to them
What is used to show the complete range of colours?
A colour box
A colour code
A colour rainbow
A colour wheel
There are different types of colour wheel
What word means 'attractive relationship in size or shape between the parts of a whole'?
A design that has elements that are out of proportion may not be as appealing as a well proportioned design. Deliberately making part of a design out of proportion can have a striking effect and is sometimes used in advertising designs
Which element has the most emotional impact on people?
People can react strongly to colour
Why are fast sports cars often advertised in the colour red?
People associate red with boldness and excitement
People associate red with comfort and safety
Red paint is cheaper than any other colour
Red paint rusts the least of all the colours
Red is a colour that needs using sparingly in most designs as it stands out
What might encourage you to stay longer in a clothes shop?
Clothes arranged according to colour
The scent of freshly laundered cotton
Low-volume easy-listening music
All of the above
The design of a shop interior is very complex and needs to take into account the needs of the shoppers and encourage them to like the items on sale
Which of the following colours would you be least likely to use in relation to food?
Sky Blue
Leaf Green
Cherry Red
Sky blue food is a rare occurrence in nature!
Which of these elements is used by designers?
All of the above
These form part of the 'aesthetics' of a design
What does 'symmetrical' mean?
Having a herringbone pattern and rough surface
Having more than five parts
Made up of exactly similar parts facing each other
Using all the colours in the rainbow
Symmetrical objects tend to be more attractive
What would you expect the flavour to be in a green bottle of drink?
People find it difficult to identify the flavours of soft drinks when they are blindfolded!
Author:  Frank Evans

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