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There's a Surprise - Maths Comes Top!

Favourite School Subjects - Schoolchild Survey - Graph from Education Quizzes

Who said that children are only interested in computers – whoever it was, they are wrong! Our survey shows that Maths is the school subject most liked by children whilst ICT (Information and Communications Technology) came in at a lowly 6th position.

In the week ending 18th August, 2019 we surveyed 777 children to find their favourite school subjects and the results clearly show that children aged 5 to 17 are big into Maths.

It’s a little disappointing to see that all the science subjects put together (Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics) don’t come close to Maths.

And we were a little surprised to see that History secured only 8% of the votes and poor old Geography came nearly last with less than 4%.


A Few Words about Maths

Did you know that amongst other things, Maths can help you get a better deal when shopping and it makes you a superior cook? To say nothing of the fact that virtually every occupation has a requirement for Maths in one form or another. Every good business has a Business Plan so whether it is your own company or you work for someone else it will be a big help to understand the figures that make a business tick.

Teacher Shortages

Apparently the enthusiasm for maths is not shared by teachers because in a recent BBC Article it was reported that “…as little as half of GCSE Maths teachers have a maths or science degree”. It seems that youngsters with a flair for maths can rely on a teaching career in the subject.

The same BBC article tells us that things are even worse in the world of Physics where less than 17% of teachers in some geographic areas have a relevant degree. Then again, it seems that our youngsters share the indifference for this branch of science – the subject came bottom in our survey.

Making Science Fun

Most children and adults have very un-fond memories of learning about amps, elements, spectrums and watts but they are necessary evils to understand in the scientific realm. That’s not to say that there isn’t a lighter side to science - what child wouldn’t want to make a “non-toxic polymer slime”, build a “balloon rocket car” or create a “miniature roller coaster”. The whys and wherefores of all these exciting projects can be found at Home Science Tools so come on science teachers, let’s put some pizzazz into science.

Survey Statistics

For all the budding mathematicians who can’t wait to get their hands on the raw statistics of our survey, here are the figures when we asked the question 'What is your favourite school subject?'

Subject Percentage
Maths 25.79
PE 18.27
English 13.77
Science 10.03
History 8.36
ICT 6.56
Biology 6.43
Chemisty 4.37
Geography 3.98
Physics 2.44

Keeping up-to-date

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