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Tidying the Bedroom

How do you Measure Up for Tidiness?

Graph showing how often children tidy their bedroom – Education Quizzes

A surprising number of schoolchildren keep their bedroom constantly tidy but don't despair, not all parents preside over little angels. Our survey last week revealed that many parents have custody over demons!

We had just over 88,000 visitors to our site last week and 1,516 took the time to answer the question "How often do you tidy your bedroom?". For those statistically-minded, that is about 1.7% of our site visitors - we are extremely grateful to them for helping us.

You will see from the chart that 44% of children have bedrooms that are either tidied every day or are ALWAYS tidy. Congratulations to all of you.

We then find that 24% of children tidy their bedroom either once or twice a week and we think all reasonable people will consider that is acceptable.

But what about the rest...?

Deary me, that leaves 32% who deign to tidy-up once a month or less. Indeed, 9% NEVER tidy-up after themselves so let’s hope mum and dad come to the rescue now and again.

What are the Benefits of Tidiness?

Firstly, it improves efficiency because it makes it easier to find things and thus saves you time searching.

Secondly, it makes life easier for those around you like your mum, dad, brothers and sisters who have to venture into your bedroom now and again.

Thirdly, it reduces stress - remember how frustrated you were the last time you couldn't find what you were looking for?

Fourthly, it creates a good impression because people associate neatness and tidiness with an organized mind.

Lastly, we just have to mention hygiene. You know very well that it can't be good to find a 3-week-old banana skin beneath a pile of dirty clothes!

Is there a Downside to Tidiness?

An Untidy Bedroom

Parents are going to hate us for this but it has to be said that many great minds have not been renowned for their tidiness.

The great Albert Einstein once suggested, "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign of?"

Try Googling "untidy genius" and you might be surprised at the quantity of people who have been noted for their untidiness but nevertheless went on to great things.

The conclusion is that being tidy or untidy doesn't make you clever or stupid and neither does it make you good or bad BUT if your untidiness annoys other people then it would be really nice to do something about it!

Full Results of Survey

Here are the results from our survey question “How often do you tidy your bedroom?”

Frequency Number of votes
It's always tidy 338
Every day 341
Twice a week 165
Once a week 196
Once a month 123
Rarely 224
Never 129

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