Climate Change

Are We Adapting Quickly Enough?

Climate change is such an important subject that we ran this survey for a full two weeks whereas we ordinarily run our surveys for just one week. A total of 1,433 children took the time to give us their opinions.

Almost all the leading scientists agree that climate change is a reality. The experts in this field are almost unanimous in their belief that we must change our ways to avoid a climate catastrophe in the future but they tell us that we are not adapting fast enough.

Most adults say they are making changes to their lifestyle because of the dangers that exist but we wondered if they always tell the truth. We know that we can trust our students to be truthful because the results are totally anonymous and, in any case, we know you would never be dishonest. Having said that you might like to check out the results of our Honesty and Kindness survey!

Number of People Who are Changing

Our first graph this week shows that 70% of all families believe the problem exists and they are prepared to help do something about it. At the same time, the scientists will no doubt be alarmed to see that 30% of families are not changing their lifestyles in any way.

How Much are People Changing and if Not, Why Not?

Our second graph delves a little deeper and establishes firstly the degree to which people are adapting and secondly the reasons why the non-adapters are carrying on regardless.

Only 28% are making MAJOR changes to their lifestyles whilst 42% are making MINOR changes. Of those who are doing nothing, 19% say they believe they cannot make a difference and an alarming 11% say that they don’t believe that climate change is happening.

The UK government is committed to doing all it can to combat the ill effects of global warming but amongst the non-believers is Donald Trump, the President of the USA. He recently stated that, “I don’t believe it. I don’t think it’s a hoax, I think there’s probably a difference. But I don’t know that it’s manmade”. He has also called climate change mythical, non-existent and an expensive hoax. So… is it a hoax or isn’t it, Mr Trump? I’m a little confused!

Effects of Global Warming

Leaving aside the opinions of our politicians, here are some of the effects of climate change that are being predicted by the scientists who have no axe to grind:

  1. Increases in global heatwaves
  2. Increases in heavy rain
  3. Increases in global drought
  4. Rising sea levels that might swamp low-lying areas
  5. Disruption to many different types of wildlife
  6. Extinction of many species

Each of us need to make up our own minds about who to believe and what to do about it. Let’s make sure that we monitor the situation very carefully and, if necessary, act before it’s too late.

Full Results

Here are the full statistics of children who were asked “Are you and your family making changes to your lifestyle because of the dangers of climate change?”

Answer Percentage of Respondents
Yes we are making major changes 28
Yes, we are making minor changes 42
No, we don’t believe we can make a difference 19
No, we don’t believe that climate change is happening 11

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