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Garden Bird Recognition

Garden Birds Need You

Garden Bird Recognition – Schoolchild Survey – Graph from Education Quizzes Our survey this week was all about garden bird recognition and it showed that almost 60% of school children could not put a name to more than 5 different garden birds.

Now come on kids, that’s shocking!

Here at Education Quizzes we defended you when adults said you spent too long on computers. When you told us that you hated physics lessons at school we forgave you completely. But to not be able to recognize 6 or more garden birds is a step too far!!

Our wonderful assortment of garden birds is a source of great joy and something that we all ought to be proud of. OK, OK, if you haven’t got a garden then you have a smidgen of an excuse but at least you ought to be able to recognize birds when you see them on your way to school or in your local park. The birds need all the help they can get and it would be great if you could be a helper – you’d really enjoy it.


The 10 Most Common Garden Birds

We have a fabulous organization in the UK called the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) whose mission is to do what it says on the tin – protect birds. In the winter each year the RSPB run a “Big Garden Birdwatch” that monitors the health of our garden bird populations and this year over 472,000 people participated. We’ll tell you more about it later but first let’s take a look at the 10 most common birds reported by those 472,000 bird enthusiasts last winter.

The chances are that you will have seen all the birds at some time or other and next time you see one, you SHOULD know what it’s called!

House Sparrow Recognition Image Starling Recognition Image
Blue Tit Recognition Image Blackbird Recognition Image
Wood Pigeon Recognition Image Goldfinch Recognition Image
Great Tit Recognition Image Robin Recognition Image
Chaffinch Recognition Image Magpie Recognition Image

The Big Garden Birdwatch

In 2020 this annual event is taking place between 26th and 28th January. It is the world’s largest wildlife survey and the RSPB would be delighted to welcome you on board as one of its participants. Everyone can be a part of the survey even if you haven’t got a garden because you can do the birdwatch in any park or green space. Read all about it.

British Trust for Ornithology (BTO)

This is another organization that does everything it can to protect birds. Their website at BTO has a wealth of information about how you can help and take part in various projects. You’ll also find their website makes fascinating reading about many diverse subjects such as tracking cuckoos, bird ringing schemes, heronries census, waterways breeding bird survey and the woodcock survey. There’s enough reading to give you a real insight into the science associated with wild bird conservation.

British Birds Quizzes

Last but not least, you’ll find no less than 30 bird identification quizzes (all in glorious colour) on our own Education Quizzes website in the Nature Section. We have never yet met anyone who can name all 300 of the birds featured – will you be the first?

Survey Results

The survey question this week was “How many garden birds could you name”? Here are the results from a total of 1,552 responses:

Quantity of Species Recognized Percentage of Children
More than 20 Species Recognized 15
11 to 20 Species Recognized 6
6 to 10 Species Recognized 19
Less than 6 Species Recognized 60


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