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New Year Resolutions

New Year = New Start

New Year Resolutions Children’s Survey – Graph from Education Quizzes

The turn of the year provides a wonderful opportunity for us to make resolutions. Even if we don’t keep them throughout the year, we can at least try. As they say, “A new year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other”!

Our survey shows that roughly two thirds of children make one or more resolutions and a quarter make a whopping three or more.

Favourite New Year Resolutions

This year our poll established the quantity of new year resolutions that our students were making but we didn’t ask what those resolutions were - you’ll probably remember that we aim to keep the surveys short and sweet so that they don’t get boring. Next New Year though, we’ll concentrate on the actual resolutions that children make. In the meantime…

We thought you might be interested to know that the great majority of adults make resolutions to do with health and healthy living. A survey reported in the Telegraph stated that the four most common resolutions are: “exercise more”, “lose weight”, “eat more healthily” and “take a more active approach to health”.

Other popular adult resolutions are “learn a new skill or hobby” which we suspect features high on the list of children. “Drink less alcohol” and “stop smoking” are also high on the list of adult priorities but we sincerely hope they don’t apply to our students!

How Long do Adults Keep Their Resolutions?

Another survey suggests that 25% of adults keep their resolutions for less than a week whilst fewer than 10% get through to the end of the year without breaking them. Soooooo – if you have already broken your resolution(s) don’t worry because you are in good company and another great opportunity will come along again next year!

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Results of New Year Resolutions Survey

This week’s question was: “How many New Year resolutions will you be making” and the results were as follows:

Number of Resolutions Percentage of Children
None 34
One 19
Two 13
Three 8
More Than Three 26

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