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Games for Clever Brains

Take time out from playing quizzes and instead try our games. They will challenge you on spelling, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and general numeracy.

Spelling Practice For All Ages

Wizards spell all the time. They are geniuses when it comes to spelling.

Our game is for new wizards from the age of 5 right up to 105. It’s easy to play and superfast practice. Choose your age level, click start and away you go. You have to choose the word that you think is spelt incorrectly.

Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide

Do you love math? Get better with numbers by playing one of our games. Just like the spelling game, you choose your level and pick the incorrect calculations.

How Can I Improve My Numeracy?

Our numeracy game will give you plenty of practice and review with math questions. For this game, you have to find the right answer. There’s no time limit, so read the questions carefully and choose the correct answer.

Weekly Leaderboard

Every time you get an answer correct, you are given points. The more you get right in a row, the more your score builds. Every age level has its own leaderboard, as well as a master leaderboard on the main page.

See if you can get to the top but if you want to stay there, you’ll have to play every day!

How Do I Play?

You are able to play a few questions in the games as a visitor. If you wish to unlock the whole of Education Quizzes – games and quizzes alike – then you’ll need to subscribe. It costs $12.50 per month or $50.00 per year. We also let you cancel at any time, even during the first month.

It’s time to get gaming!

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