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Let's Make Review/Revision Fun Again

Revising the Enjoyable Way

Especially for Students

Hey there, student superstar! Shouldn’t you be hitting the books? Or maybe you’re here for a well-deserved break.

Why is review/revision always painted as the bad guy?

Okay, we've all heard the dramatic tales. Skip review, doom your future. But hey, it’s not all gloom and doom. Think of review like a video game. It’s all about leveling up your brain, and trust us, the boss battles (a.k.a exams) will be a breeze once you've powered up.

Alright, alright, enough with the pep talk. We feel you. Review can feel like you're watching paint dry... twice. But what if we told you there’s a way to add a dash of fun to it? Stay tuned, and let’s shake things up a bit! 

What if Reviewing was NOT Boring?

What if reviewing was something you enjoyed? What if there was an interesting website that was so comprehensive that you could revise all the things you are being taught, all in one place? What if the navigation was so easy that you didn’t have to store URLs and bookmarks all over the place?

Good news – you’ve found us and we are eager to give you a helping hand.

By frequently playing our curriculum-based quizzes you will constantly be asking your brain to retrieve essential facts. This ongoing process is the key to success because the more often you compel your brain to retrieve something, the easier it becomes to recall it when the chips are down in the exam room.


How to Review

For sure, you shouldn’t throw away all your text books and meticulously made notes but give yourself a break now and again - play some quizzes about the crucial information you are going to need.

We could tell you that now you’ve found us, all your reviewing is going to be done for you but we’d be lying and that’s not us at all. You’ve still got to do some work – like reading through those notes now and again and playing 20 quizzes a week for the rest of your life - only kidding, it’s only until you get those wretched exams out of the way.

We promise we’ll make it as enjoyable as we can for you. Our sincere advice is that you grasp the nettle and play the quizzes. Remember, insufficient revision = bad exam results = well, you know the rest.

Nice to Know: A monthly subscription costs just $12.50 and can be cancelled at any time.


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