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Biology: High School: 9th and 10th Grade Quizzes

Quizzes make learning fun! There is no quicker way to learn about Biology in High School - Grades 9 and 10

Have you ever heard of proprioception? No? Well, we have, brainy things that we are. (Actually we’ll come clean - we hadn’t heard of it until just now.)

Proprioception is one of our senses – and not one of the main five that we know and love so well. Rather than go into a rambling technical description of exactly what proprioception is, we’ll explain it with a practical example.

Quiz Title Options
Biology - Abuse of Drugs Biology - Abuse of Drugs Play
Biology - Adaptation Biology - Adaptation Play
Biology - Cloning Biology - Cloning Play
Biology - Competition Biology - Competition Play
Biology - Detecting our Environment Biology - Detecting our Environment Play
Biology - Differences Between Organisms Biology - Differences Between Organisms Play
Biology - Energy in Food Chains Biology - Energy in Food Chains Play
Biology - Environmental Change Biology - Environmental Change Play
Biology - Evolution Biology - Evolution Play
Biology - Exercise and Health Biology - Exercise and Health Play
Biology - Fertility Biology - Fertility Play
Biology - Fighting Disease Biology - Fighting Disease Play
Biology - Genetic Engineering Biology - Genetic Engineering Play
Biology - Healthy Diet Biology - Healthy Diet Play
Biology - Hormones Biology - Hormones Play
Biology - Messages in the Body Biology - Messages in the Body Play
Biology - Microorganisms and Disease Biology - Microorganisms and Disease Play
Biology - Natural Defences Biology - Natural Defences Play
Biology - Natural Selection Biology - Natural Selection Play
Biology - Plant Sensitivity and Control Biology - Plant Sensitivity and Control Play
Biology - Reproduction Biology - Reproduction Play
Biology - Superbugs Biology - Superbugs Play
Biology - The Carbon Cycle Biology - The Carbon Cycle Play
Biology - Use of Drugs Biology - Use of Drugs Play
Biology - Waste Management Biology - Waste Management Play

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