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Biology - Exercise and Health
Martial arts can be a good form of exercise.

Biology - Exercise and Health

This Biology quiz is called 'Biology - Exercise and Health' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at high school. Playing educational quizzes is a user-friendly way to learn if you are in the 9th or 10th grade - aged 14 to 16.

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Students of high school science will look at the requirements of staying healthy. This quiz looks at the effect that exercise has on our health in particular.

Which of the following statements about a balanced diet is not true?
Carbohydrates include sugars and starch
Proteins are needed for growth and repair
Vitamins and minerals are needed in large quantities
Fats can come from both animal and plant sources
They are needed only in quite small quantities to keep your body in good working order - though a lack of vitamins and minerals can have serious health consequences
Why is over exercising bad for you?
It can strain your heart muscles
It makes you go dizzy
It takes up too much time
You get too much protein in your blood
Heart muscles are tough but over exercising can stretch them. The heart usually recovers given time but can be damaged permanently
How does exercise help your circulation?
By making you stronger and fitter
By helping your body control it's metabolic rates
By creating LDL cholesterol
By increasing levels of HDL cholesterol
Increased levels of HDL cholesterol help to keep your arteries un-clogged allowing the blood to flow more smoothly
Why do your muscles need to be supplied with more blood during exercise?
They are contracting and relaxing
Blood makes them larger so they can do more work
Muscle cell respiration is greater during exercise
So that they can get more protein for energy
During exercise, muscle cell respiration is higher. This means that more oxygen is needed and more waste materials are produced and therefore need removing. Supplying more blood to the muscles meets both needs
Which of the following statements is true about your metabolic rate after exercise?
It increases permanently
It decreases permanently
It stays high for a while and then goes back to normal
It stays low for a while and then goes back to normal
Your body uses energy at a faster rate during exercise so your metabolic rate increases. After exercise it will gradually return to its normal level as you no longer need the higher energy output
What is the chemical that causes cramp?
Glucosic acid
Lactic acid
During very heavy or prolonged exercise anaerobic respiration takes place, during which glucose is converted to lactic acid
What is metabolic rate?
The speed of eating
The speed of digestion
The speed of the chemical reactions in your body
The speed your blood flows through your arteries
High metabolic rates use more energy
During exercise, breathing rate and heart rate both increase. Why?
To deliver more oxygen to your muscles
Because you are using up the nutrients from your last meal
To deliver more oxygen to your stomach so that you can release more energy from your food
Because your blood vessels are bigger
When exercising, your muscles need a lot more oxygen for respiration. By breathing faster and more deeply, your body can get more oxygen to the blood. By pumping faster, your heart can get more blood, and therefore more oxygen, to your muscles
Which long term health problem is not related to a lack of exercise?
Heart disease
Beri-beri is a nerve disorder linked to a lack of vitamin B1
After exercise, why do your heart rate and breathing rate stay higher than normal?
To get rid of lactic acid
Because it takes a while for your chest and heart muscles to slow down
Because it takes time for messages to reach your brain to say that you have stopped exercising
Because your body is staying ready just in case you start exercising again
Oxygen helps to break down lactic acid in muscle cells. Lactic acid is also carried away to the liver where it can also be broken down
Author:  Kev Woodward

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