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Focussed Learning of Upper Primary Subjects


We at Education Quizzes are very enthused with the phenomenal response we have received from all of you to our Primary English Quizzes. We are indeed humbled with the tremendous interest shown in our quizzes and we are sure all of you have benefitted from playing our quizzes.

Here at Education Quizzes, it is our aim to help children of all ages with their studies. This section of the site is for Upper Primary students in the 10-13 age group studying in classes 5, 6 and 7 under the CBSE and the ICSE curriculum.

We are indeed grateful to the excellent role being played by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) in India in assisting and advising the central and state governments on academic matters related to school education since its inception in the year 1961. We have closely studied the framework provided by the National Curriculum Framework (NCF 2005) in making the syllabi, textbooks and teaching practices within the school education programmes in India. From the framework provided the important guiding principles are:

- connecting knowledge to life outside the school

- ensuring that learning is shifted away from rote methods

- enriching the curriculum to provide for overall development rather than remaining text book centric

- making examinations more flexible and integrated into classroom life

Children today are exposed to multifarious stimuli through a variety of media that include TV, radio, newspapers and, more recently, the Internet. This is in addition to the structured course of education they undergo in schools through innovative teaching methods, committed teachers and excellent text books. The gigantic leaps made by mobile phones in bringing the world closer together are another great source of stimuli for young minds. These activities add to the overall development of the child’s mind, further strengthening the questioning attitude. The child observes keenly during the formative years and naturally many questions arise that need to be answered. The child’s observations are a result of the environment and the interactions of the child with the constituents of the environment.

We at Education Quizzes have devised a quiz format that embodies the guiding principles of the National Curriculum Framework and aims at supplementing the child’s knowledge outside the school environment. Our quizzes attempt to teach the child from first principles rather than by rote. Our quizzes are structured in a manner such that the child gets more knowledge than from the prescribed textbooks alone. Our quizzes help the child to face tests and examinations in a more confident frame of mind.

Our quiz format is unique and it is the only one that has a helpful comment for every quiz question. The benefit of this format is that even if the child doesn’t know the answer, they will learn by reading the helpful comment. The child’s wrong answer is immediately flashed and the correct answer with the appropriate explanation is presented so that the child is able to quickly grasp the concept and also do a quick check back with the three options that are wrong and the one option that is correct.

We believe that the child’s immediate family is as important as the school, textbooks and teachers, and it plays a vital role in shaping the child’s future. Our quizzes are designed so as to be interesting to the child but also to their family members. We want to create a healthy competition between the child and family members so that the child gets the maximum benefit. We urge you to play the quizzes and be ready to answer any questions they may have.

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