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Effective Learning Strategies with Education Quizzes

How to Help Children Revise

Especially for Parents

We recognise and uphold the significance of review/revision in the academic journey of students. Notably, both educators and guardians often ponder:

Which review/revision techniques yield the best results?
How can we make the review/revision process more engaging?

While our quizzes may not serve as the sole solution, they substantially enhance the review/revision process. It is advisable for students to consistently refer to the notes prepared during their academic sessions. However, integrating our curriculum-based quizzes can serve as an effective method to break the monotony and rejuvenate the learning process.

Top Review/ Revision Tip:

Don’t leave it all until the last minute. Try to convince your children that an hour a week throughout the term is infinitely better than cramming everything into the last week!


Ten Things We Know:

  1. Most children enjoy interactive quizzes
  2. Quizzes are fast – two minutes per 10 question quiz
  3. Quizzes reinforce school learning in an incredibly effective way
  4. All our quizzes can be played on all devices – desktops, laptops and ‘Phones
  5. Our quizzes are written by experienced teachers
  6. We have quizzes for Primary and High School
  7. We have over 3,000 quizzes
  8. Main subjects are English, Maths and Science along with several others
  9. Every quiz played is recorded and you can download reports at any time
  10. Many schools recommend that their children play our quizzes

Two Things We Fervently Believe:

  1. Our site isn’t the be-all-and-end-all for school success BUT
  2. We do go a long way towards helping children get better grades

Review/Revision Notes

Your children will undoubtedly have revision notes by the page-full that have been created at school. These will be extremely valuable to them BUT our quizzes will help ring the changes for them during their hours of swatting for tests and exams.

Nice to know: We give a no-questions-asked refund to anyone who asks us to refund their subscription during the first month



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