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By Teachers for Teachers

No-one understands the curriculum like teachers. Every day you come up against each subject’s sticking points and know the techniques to help young minds gain understanding.

Each one of our quizzes has been individually written by teachers with years of experience in each subject – giving you the support of a lifetime’s worth of knowledge won in the classroom.

How it Works

We have constantly evolved our application to make the set up process as simple as possible – and to easily interact with the classroom teaching environment

  • You will be up and running in less than 10 minutes without having to consult a single computer-mad student.
  • No need to worry about students needing to remember usernames and password but you will still track each individual’s progress as they navigate the tests and quizzes.
  • Set quizzes as homework and let the application handle the marking process and produce a full report on everyone’s marks and incorrect answers.
  • Use our quizzes to support the classroom learning process to identify weak points in your students’ knowledge and understanding.

You may have struggled with other school systems in the past – but with no payments, unlimited access and a fun new way of learning at your fingertips – you will find that Education Quizzes gives your lessons a whole new dimension.

Sounds Great… What’s the Catch?

There is no catch. Our service is free provided you honestly are a teacher!

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