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Meet the team at Education Quizzes...

These are the people responsible for EducationQuizzes. We have quiz writers, quiz verifiers, project managers, web developers and technical experts. Together we comprise a friendly and enthusiastic team who are working hard to ensure Education Quizzes continues to be the number one site for school revision.

You can click on any of the images below to read a little about each individual. Click them again when you have read enough!

    • Sarah Garratty

      Sarah Garratty

      The quiz verifier with an amazing eye for detail. Sarah checks our quizzes prior to uploading them to the website. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and solving cryptic crosswords.

    • Peter Davey

      Peter Davey

      Our in-house technical expert - when our computer system goes wrong he is our salvation. Pete is always happy to help with queries from our subscribers.

    • Callum Cole

      Callum Cole

      Callum is the newest member of the team and does his best to keep our beloved subscribers happy. He is also the man responsible for writing our daily Figure Facts and managing our Twitter page.

    • Kathleen Shuster

      Kathleen Shuster

      Kathleen enjoys exploring the world of social media - letting the world know about all our amazing quizzes through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter!

    • Christine G. Broome

      Christine G. Broome

      Quiz writer of our 6th, 7th and 8th grade English, Math and Science questions. A graduate of BYU with a B.S. degree in education, Chris thoroughly enjoys working with and teaching the youth of all ages. In her spare time, Chris is a freelance writer, as well as a published author of young adult books.

    • Graham Bray

      Graham Bray

      Produces our videos and his vast experience makes him a trusted advisor. A teacher for over 25 years, and currently the Director of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) at a large comprehensive school in East Sussex. Has a Joint Honours Degree in Botany and Zoology, and a PhD in Biological Sciences.

    • Graeme Haw

      Graeme Haw

      Writer of Specialist subjects such as The Bible, Art and Flags. Graeme's interests include medieval history, mythology and the meaning of life!

    • Jan Crompton

      Jan Crompton

      Quiz writer of our KS3 Geography and History questions. After appearing on a TV quiz, Jan was 'headhunted' by the Producer to write some questions. After a career in teaching she is now a freelance question setter and verifier. Quiz writing credits include Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Mastermind, University Challenge and The Chase.

    • Sue Davison

      Sue Davison

      Quiz writer of our KS3 Science questions. As a science teacher her specialist subject was chemistry. Sue is very keen on sport, playing tennis and golf and enjoying skiing holidays with her family. She is married with three children.

    • Sheri Smith

      Sheri Smith

      Quiz writer of our GCSE English quizzes and the KS2 quizzes for Science, Music, R.E., English and I.C.T. Sheri is an English specialist and former literacy coordinator experienced in teaching pupils from KS1-KS4. She enjoys teaching every aspect of English, from drama and poetry to the reasons behind the more unusual spellings found in the language. Sheri also delights in the unpredictable, but rewarding, nature of primary science lessons.

    • Amanda Swift

      Amanda Swift

      Quiz writer of our KS2 questions for Maths, Geography, Citizenship, P.S.H.E., History, P.E., D and T, and the Maths Tables. Amanda is an experienced primary school teacher and educational content developer. She now works freelance producing educational resources and lesson plans for the 4-11 age group.

    • Thomas Daish

      Thomas Daish

      Quiz writer of our KS3 Music questions. Thomas is a keyboard, woodwind and composition specialist. He frequently writes, records and publishes his own music videos. He is a final year Bmus hons degree student at the University of Surrey and teaches music on a part time basis at Guildford County School.

    • Donna Davidson

      Donna Davidson

      Writer of the GCSE Biology quizzes, Donna is an experienced science teacher and Biology GCSE examiner. She is enjoying her freelance career as an academic writer and lives near Blackpool with her family and a very naughty Westie called Jack!

    • Kate Gardiner

      Kate Gardiner

      Kate is the quiz writer of our GCSE Chemistry quizzes.

    • Sue Daish

      Sue Daish

      Quiz writer of our KS3 English and RE questions. Sue is an experienced teacher of English, a long-standing Principal Examiner, and exam paper writer. She is a published author of numerous textbooks including Practice Tests for IGCSE English.

    • Ian Miles

      Ian Miles

      Ian is a qualified and experienced linguist-turned-generalist and author, not least of EQs own ESL Quizzes: he is a freelance tutor, musician and puzzle compiler.

    • Tracy Lawrence

      Tracy Lawrence

      Tracy spends most of her time researching quiz ideas and tracking down interesting facts and statistics. Once she gets an idea there is no stopping her until the work is done.

    • Richard Giles

      Richard Giles

      The project manager of our ongoing technical development. Richard has been responsible for the initiation and expansion of a number of nationally acclaimed websites.

    • Jon Green

      Jon Green

      Our web development expert. He built and manages the website alongside Colin. Being very 'Techie' he is big into black and white photographs!

    • Lisa King

      Lisa King

      Wife of the person who originally dreamed up the idea. Acknowledged as the brains behind the partnership whilst her husband is generally referred to as the talker. Lisa is responsible for vetting ideas and eliminating the stupid ones.

    • Colin King

      Colin King

      Responsible for day-to-day administration and finance - well, sometimes responsible!

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