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Using Quizzes for Enjoyable Reviewing

Quizzes for Fast Review

Review Made Easy

Make learning fun and effective with our engaging quizzes! Whether you are getting ready for exams at elementary, middle, junior or senior school, our quizzes offer a seamless way to reinforce classroom knowledge.

We understand that review is an essential part of the learning process. Let's transform this necessary step into an enjoyable experience. The key to success lies in the ability to swiftly recall learned material, and our revision quizzes are designed to provide optimal support. It's no surprise that quizzes are a staple in classrooms worldwide; educators recognize their effectiveness firsthand

The name that teachers give to this proven method of rapid revision is Active Recall - Learn more about it.


Make it FUN

We have been around children for long enough to know that if we don’t make it fun to revise then it’s not going to happen! Hey, we use quizzes, and who doesn’t enjoy a quiz?

Make it FAST

We are not talking about endless hours of swotting (and searching through notes and text books) to find the key things you need to remember. It takes 2 minutes maximum to do any one of the quizzes.


Just one more thing… because it’s fun and fast, you won’t mind making it frequent (just 2 or 3 quizzes a day) so our suggestion is to aim for 20 a week whenever it fits in with the rest of your life. That way this enjoyable study skill will reinforce everything you learn in class and you will be able to recall it each time that it’s important.

Nice to Know: When parents buy a single subscription they can create 3 separate logins to the site at no extra cost so the entire family benefits – even mums and dads!


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