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Spanish Numbers and Math

This Lesson, and the two that follow, will be taking you in a bit of a different direction in your learning Spanish course. First, we are going to have you look back at the Spanish numbers you learned in the earlier part of this Level. Next, we are going to have you use those numbers and start looking at mathematics. That’s right. This is going to be a math Lesson. Don’t worry, it still is all about learning Spanish.

Before we move on to doing some math problems in Spanish, we need to learn a few new vocabulary words. Those words include the words for “math”, “mathematic”, “addition”, “subtraction”, “multiplication”, “division”, “sum” and “answer”. The words for “add”, “subtract”, “multiply”, “divide” and “equal” are all verbs which will be addressed in a separate lesson. So now let’s look at some math words in Spanish.

mathmate [f]1ma-tāy
mathematicsmatemáticas [f]2ma-tāy-ma-tē-kăs
additionadición [f]3ă-dē-she-on
subtractionsustracción [f]4sues-trax-she-on
multiplicationmultiplicación [f]5mūl-tē-plē-kay-she-on
divisiondivisión [f]6dē-vē-she-on
sumsuma [f]7sue-ma
answerrespuesta [f]8rěs-pwes-tă

As you may recall, the Spanish number for “one” is “uno” [Audio: 9]. The Spanish number for “two” is “dos” [Audio: 10] and the Spanish number for “three” is “tres” [Audio: 11]. In fact, you know how to say the Spanish numbers from “zero” (cero [Audio: 12]) through “a hundred” (cien [Audio: 13]). We are not going to cover all of those numbers here in this Lesson. However, if you want to review each one of them, please check back with Lessons [007], [008] and [011].

Since you have only learned the Spanish numbers for “zero” through “a hundred”, there will be no answer in the Quiz section below that will go above “one hundred”. We will cover larger numbered answers in another lesson in one of the higher Levels of Spanish.

Now, as this is a “math lesson, let’s do some math. Here we will only be doing “adición” problems. Let’s do two together as follow.

  • (1) diez y siete + once = ?
  • That is: 17 + 11 = 28
  • 28 in Spanish is “veinte y ocho”
  • diez y siete + once = veinte y ocho
  • (2) dos + cuatro = ?
  • That is: 2 + 4 = 6
  • 6 in Spanish is “seis”
  • dos + cuatro = seis

The Quiz below will be run in the same fashion as these two sample problems. Simple enough – right! Now for the Task.


Again, as was stated above, if you do not remember all of the Spanish numbers from “zero” through “a hundred” then you will need to review the earlier lessons on the Spanish numbers in order to locate the correct answers in the Quiz. After you review the numbers, it will be time to take the Quiz. See if you can get 100 percent in your first go with the Quiz!


The Quiz consists of ten “adición” problems all given in Spanish. Your challenge is to locate the correct Spanish answer that will complete the problem. The two sample problems done above will help you to figure these out. Now let’s see how well you can do math in Spanish.

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