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The Unexpected Benefits of Quizzes

Quizzes Are The Best Way That Tutors Have Found
To Help Children Learn Quickly And Revise Efficiently

What are the Benefits?

During the past year, we’ve been asking tutors why they use quizzes and how they have integrated online quizzes into their teaching and learning programs. Here are some of the answers we’ve received.

First, it is clear that quizzes increase participation – students LIKE doing quizzes and so will engage with the subject matter more readily. But equally important, quizzes improve performance. Because they like quizzes, pupils want to do more, all the time learning as they go.

There is also evidence that information becomes ingrained in the memory when students are challenged to choose an answer using a quiz. At the same time quizzes help pupils identify what they know and what don’t know. Thus, subsequent study is more effective.

But in addition to quizzes engaging and stimulating students, those who are using our online quizzes are also finding that the quiz results provide very helpful feedback on areas of strength and weakness.

Plus of course quizzes are excellent preparation for exams, both in terms of promoting efficient review and in terms of reducing exam nerves.

Finally, there is the great benefit that quizzes can be used both in your lessons and for homework.

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