A door is a noun.


The word 'noun' is the grammatical term used to define a person, place, object, abstract idea or feeling. For example, John (person), China (place), tree (object), democracy (abstract idea) and anger (feeling). Proper nouns are the names of persons and places and are capitalized.

In your English lessons, you will have covered nouns extensively. Practically every sentence in the English language will have at least one noun. Most of the time they are very easy to spot. In this 11-plus quiz, you should have no problems but for an extra challenge, try our Nouns 2 quiz.

Just remember this: a noun names, but it doesn't describe anything. Best of luck!

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  1. Decide which word is NOT a noun.
    wooden, door, window, jar
    'Wooden' is an adjective
  2. Decide which word is NOT a noun.
    circle, square, circular, rectangle
    'Circular' is an adjective
  3. Decide which word is NOT a noun.
    big, small, tall
    These are descriptive words: all descriptive words are adjectives
  4. Decide which word is NOT a noun.
    dog, cat, blue, mouse
    Colours are adjectives: describing words
  5. Decide which word is NOT a noun.
    clinical, hospital, nurse, doctor
    'Clinical' is an adjective: look up its meaning
  6. Decide which word is NOT a noun.
    death, deadly, alive, birth
    'Deadly' can be used both as an adjective and an adverb: 'A deadly virus' (adjective) and 'I was deadly serious about it' (adverb - absolutely serious)
  7. Decide which word is NOT a noun.
    high, height, length, width
    The adjective of 'height' is 'high'
  8. Decide which word is NOT a noun.
    German, French, English
    German, French and English can be either nouns or adjectives; it depends on how they are used. For example: 'He speaks German' (noun - language); 'A good German beer' (adjective - describes the beer); He isn't French; he's German' (noun - nationality)
  9. Decide which word is NOT a noun.
    hungry, hunger, poverty, riches
    'Hungry' is an adjective
  10. Decide which word is NOT a noun.
    Africa, African, China, India
    The best answer here is 'African', which is an adjective, for example: an African vase; however, African and similar words (English, Chinese, German, etc.) can also be used as nouns when they have the meaning of the language spoken or nationality, e.g. 'He is studying English'; 'He isn't German; he's English'. By the way, there is NO African language

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