Text Features
Find out in question 8 the definition of an 'editor'.

Text Features

Text features are about the presentation of the written word, whether that be a story, article or poem. The purpose of 'informational text features' is to help you find your way in a text more easily as well as provide additional information to improve the reader's comprehension.

Next time you are in the library, pick a selection of books, one fiction, one non-fiction and perhaps a newspaper too. Spend some time looking through the books (and paper) and see how many text features you can recognise. You will need to look at the first few (and last few) pages of books to see some of the features.

This 11-plus English quiz will give you an introduction to informational text features used in books and similar literary works. See how much you remember from your lessons.

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  1. What does the word 'glossary' mean?
    Traditionally, a glossary is found at the end of a book
  2. What does the word 'appendix' mean?
    The appendix is usually found at the end of the book. Plural: 'appendices' or 'appendixes'
  3. Which one of the following correctly defines the following words: 'author', 'editor' and 'publisher'?
    The editor and publisher usually work for a 'publishing house': this is an established publishing company
  4. Which one of the following is not a font?
    A 'font' is a particular style of printing. If you open Microsoft's Word, you will find a lot of fonts in the 'font menu': try writing using some of the different fonts; there are lots of them!
  5. Why are 'flow diagrams / flow charts' important informational text features?
    Flow diagrams/charts are very useful when it comes to describing complicated sequential procedures, e.g. industrial chemical procedures and the code for computer programs
  6. A 'cross section' is a graphic informational text feature. Why is it useful?
    A cross section is a plane surface formed by cutting through an object at right angles to an axis. Cross sections are used a lot in biology books, e.g. the cross section of a plant's stem
  7. What does the word 'caption' mean?
    Captions are also written under cartoons
  8. What does the word 'index' mean?
    The index is found at the back of a book. On the other hand, the 'table of contents' (TOC) of a book is found at the front: it lists the subjects covered in the book in their order of appearance followed by their page numbers
  9. What does the word 'preface' mean?
    An introduction written by a person who is not the work's author is called a 'foreword'; the foreword comes before the author's preface
  10. Which one of the following is not a graphic aid?
    A 'paragraph' is a written aid

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