Solving Problems - Money (Easy)
Ian bought a pen for £12.67 and was short changed. Find out by how much in this quiz.

Solving Problems - Money (Easy)

Solving money problems will find you working out pounds and pence. Oftentimes when out shopping, you will come across discounts and special offers. Knowing how good these offers are is important if you want to watch your pennies!

Let's say you want the latest mobile phone which is £79.99 and you can't wait until Christmas. You get £3.50 pocket money per week. How long before you can afford the phone?

There are plenty of people who would be happy to diddle you when it comes to money, so the savvier you are, the less likely you'll be to lose cash.

Get some practice in by playing this 11-plus Maths quiz and don't move onto the next quiz until you've got all these ten questions correct. Good luck!

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  1. How many 5 p coins are there in £220?
    There are twenty 5 p coins in £1 ∴ in £220 there are 220 × 20 = 4,400
  2. A bookshop sells a best seller at a selling price of £9.99. If the book costs the bookshop £1.99, how much profit does the bookshop make on each book?
    Profit = Selling Price - Cost Price = £9.99 - £1.99 = £8.00. If the profit is a negative number, then you have made a loss
  3. How many £20 notes are there in £12,500?
    12,500 ÷ 20 = 625
  4. If Simon is given £2 in pocket money at the end of each week, how much will he have been given in one calendar year?
    52 × £2 = £104 because there are 52 weeks in a calendar year
  5. If 25 items cost £525, how much will four items cost?
    525 ÷ 25 = 21. You have to divide 525 by 25 because you want to find out how many 'lots' of 25 there are in 525: each 'lot' equals the cost of 1 item: this is the same as adding 'lots' of 25 to itself until you get to 525. This means that four items cost 21 × 4 = £84
  6. Ian bought a pen for £12.67. He paid with a £20 note, and was given £6.33 in change. By how much was he short changed?
    If you get short changed, it means that you have been given less change than you should have been given. So, £20 - £6.33 = £13.67 which is £1.00 more than the cost of the pen ∴ he was short changed by £1.00. ALTERNATIVELY, £12.67 + £6.33 = £19.00 which is £1.00 less than £20.00 ∴ he was short changed by £1.00
  7. A car costs £17,898.99. If you are given a discount of £1,500, how much will the car cost you?
    £17,898.99 - £1,500 = £16,398.99. A 'discount' is a reduction in price or cost
  8. How many pounds is 2,500 pence?
    2,500 ÷ 100 = £25. When multiplying by 100, just move the decimal point two places to the right BUT when dividing by 100, just move the decimal point two places to the left
  9. If you have £200, how much will you have if you treble it?
    If you treble something, you multiply it by 3
  10. If you have £50, how much will you have if you quadruple it?
    If you quadruple something, you multiply it by 4

Author: Frank Evans

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