Analogies 3

You'll need to do some counting in this quiz!

Analogies 3

An analogy is a likeness between things, based on a relationship they share. So, for example, cold is to hot as near is to far, because the relationship is based on the fact that they are opposites.

If you are working your way through the 11-Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning Analogies quizzes in order, we hope you enjoyed quiz number 2. Are you starting to think like we do? The key to analogies is working out what we did to figure 1 to get to figure 2, and doing the same thing to figure 3. If you do it logically, and eliminate wrong answers as you go, the correct answer should soon become obvious to you.

The novelist Max Beerbohm said, 'No fine work can be done without concentration and self-sacrifice and toil and doubt,' and he was right. So, concentrate, take your time, work hard and check your answers, and you will succeed!

So, if you are all set and ready to go - it's time to start the quiz!

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