Matrices 4

Look closely for matching features in this quiz.

Matrices 4

Rotation is one aspect to be aware of with matrices. Whilst it might not be easy to turn your computer or stand on your head, try to imagine the shapes rotated clockwise or anticlockwise. That might help a great deal in this11-Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning quiz.

Each of the questions has three shapes in a matrix. The three shapes all have something in common and you must find the shape from the four on the right which completes the three on the left. The pattern might be with the shape above it, below it, beside it, or all three. The reason shapes are similar might be to do with position, reflection, rotation, shading or the number of shapes a figure is made of.

The best way to approach these quizzes is to look at the figures carefully, pick out one feature which appears in the matrix shape, and find that feature in one of the figures on the right. An example question has been done for you.

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