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Algebra - Factorising (F)
Maths comes in many forms.

Algebra - Factorising (F)

This Maths GCSE Quiz on Foundation Algebra focuses on the technique of FACTORISING. This is the opposite of expanding brackets that you will find in our other Algebra quizzes. Here you need to identify a factor that is present in all of the terms. This gets put outside the bracket, and what is left over goes inside the bracket. The great thing is that you can always check your answer, by multiplying it out again.

Just when you thought things were getting easy, don’t forget about the special case of factorising quadratic expressions. You need to be able to recognise these – they will have an x-squared term, usually an x-term, and a number. These factorise into double brackets. The trick here is to look for a pair of numbers that multiply to the number term, and add to the x-term. Remember to use FOIL when multiplying them out again to check your answer.

Keep practising your Algebra skills, as it pops up all over the place!

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