GCSE Maths Quiz
Linear Equations (Word Problems) (F)
Can you work out the length of the flower bed in this quiz?

Linear Equations (Word Problems) (F)

There are lots of situations in real life that can be modelled as a maths problem. For instance, maths can be used to help you decide whether pay-as-you-go or a monthly phone contract is better value. This GCSE Maths quiz will help you form a linear equation from a description, which can then be used to solve problems. You can also test your equation solving skills in Linear Equations (Numerical).

Taking a real world situation and modelling it as a maths problem is behind so much of our day-to-day life. How does a bus company decide what fares to set? How do energy companies work out the charges for gas and electricity? What should the cost of a school trip be, to make sure transport and activities are all paid for, but it is still affordable to all students? Mathematical models underpin almost all aspects of a modern society, and the ability to understand the maths behind a situation is key to this.

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Whilst a lot of these models will be very complex, and well beyond the scope of GCSE or even A-level, there are still many situations that are straightforward and form a linear relationship. This quiz will help you identify each of the variables, and understand how they are related. If you are planning a career in business you should be confident and capable at this type of quiz – who knows, you could be the next Apprentice!

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