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Linear Equations (Word Problems) (F)

Question 3 requires you to express the hire cost of a rowing boat as a linear equation. Can you solve it before your 'time is up'?

Linear Equations (Word Problems) (F)

In this quiz you will gain practice in setting up simple linear equations that describe real world situations. This is the second quiz on linear equations. If you enjoy it, you might want to play Linear Equations (Numerical) to really hone your skills.

Do this quiz and learn how linear equations can model real world situations.

  1. Question 1

    2 - GCSE/Maths/LinearEquations(WordProblems)(F)/Q1hc.PNG
  2. Question 2

    2 - GCSE/Maths/LinearEquations(WordProblems)(F)/Q2hc.PNG
  3. Question 3

    1 - GCSE/Maths/LinearEquations(WordProblems)(F)/Q3hc.PNG
  4. Question 4

    1 - GCSE/Maths/LinearEquations(WordProblems)(F)/Q4hc.PNG
  5. Question 5

    3 - GCSE/Maths/LinearEquations(WordProblems)(F)/Q5hc.PNG
  6. Question 6

    4 - GCSE/Maths/LinearEquations(WordProblems)(F)/Q6hc.PNG
  7. Question 7

    2 - GCSE/Maths/LinearEquations(WordProblems)(F)/Q7hc.PNG
  8. Question 8

    1 - GCSE/Maths/LinearEquations(WordProblems)(F)/Q8hc.PNG
  9. Question 9

    4 - GCSE/Maths/LinearEquations(WordProblems)(F)/Q9hc.PNG
  10. Question 10

    4 - GCSE/Maths/LinearEquations(WordProblems)(F)/Q10hc.PNG

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