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Linear Equations (Word Problems) (F)
Question 3 requires you to express the hire cost of a rowing boat as a linear equation. Can you solve it before your 'time is up'?

Linear Equations (Word Problems) (F)

There are lots of situations in real life that can be modelled as a maths problem. For instance, maths can be used to help you decide whether pay-as-you-go or a monthly phone contract is better value. This GCSE Maths quiz will help you form a linear equation from a description, which can then be used to solve problems. You can also test your equation solving skills in Linear Equations (Numerical).

Taking a real world situation and modelling it as a maths problem is behind so much of our day-to-day life. How does a bus company decide what fares to set? How do energy companies work out the charges for gas and electricity? What should the cost of a school trip be, to make sure transport and activities are all paid for, but it is still affordable to all students? Mathematical models underpin almost all aspects of a modern society, and the ability to understand the maths behind a situation is key to this.

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Whilst a lot of these models will be very complex, and well beyond the scope of GCSE or even A-level, there are still many situations that are straightforward and form a linear relationship. This quiz will help you identify each of the variables, and understand how they are related. If you are planning a career in business you should be confident and capable at this type of quiz – who knows, you could be the next Apprentice!

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