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Education-Quizzes-Red-Electric-BallGCSE Physics Revision

(Focussed revision for year 10 and year 11)

You will find that the majority of your time spent in GCSE Physics involves the study of things you can’t even see, although their effects are often profound. Words such as “energy”, “forces” and “waves” (not usually the seaside type!) will become very familiar.

No less than a quarter of these physics quizzes are devoted to electricity – how it is generated, used and distributed. A further 25% deal with forces in the form of braking, circular motion and hydraulics. Then there is still time and space for us to explore light, medical physics and awe-inspiring radioactivity.

Title Date Played Previous
Electricity - Electrical Circuits 01 Play
Energy - Kinetic Theory Play
Forces - Momentum Play
Radioactivity - Nuclear Fission Play
Electricity - Current, Charge and Power Preview
Electricity - Currents in Electrical Circuits Preview
Electricity - Electrical Circuits 02 Preview
Electricity - Generating Electricity Preview
Electricity - Household Electricity Preview
Electricity - Mains Electricity Preview
Electricity - Methods we use to Generate Electricity Preview
Electricity - Static Electricity Preview
Electricity - The Motor Effect Preview
Electricity - The National Grid Preview
Electricity - The Usefulness of Electrical Appliances Preview
Electricity - Transferring Electrical Energy Preview
Electricity - Transformers Preview
Energy - Energy and Efficiency Preview
Energy - Heating and Insulating Preview
Energy - Infrared Radiation Preview
Energy - Transfer by Heating Preview
Energy - Transfer of Energy 01 Preview
Energy - Transfers and Efficiency Preview
Forces - Centre of Mass 01 Preview
Forces - Circular Motion Preview
Forces - Forces and Braking Preview
Forces - Forces and Elasticity Preview
Forces - Forces and Energy Preview
Forces - Forces and Motion Preview
Forces - Forces and Terminal Velocity Preview
Forces - Forces and their Effects Preview
Forces - Forces and Turning Effects Preview
Forces - Hydraulics Preview
Forces - Kinetic Energy of Objects Preview
Forces - Moments Preview
Forces - Resultant Forces 01 Preview
Light - Lenses 01 Preview
Light - Lenses 02 Preview
Light - Other Applications of Light Preview
Light - The Eye Preview
Medical Physics - Medical Applications Preview
Medical Physics - Ultrasound Preview
Medical Physics - X-rays Preview
Radioactivity - Atomic Structure Preview
Radioactivity - Atoms and Radiation Preview
Radioactivity - Nuclear Fusion Preview
Radioactivity - Radioactive Substances Preview
Waves - Properties of Waves 01 Preview
Waves - Properties of Waves 02 Preview
Waves - Reflection 01 Preview
Waves - Reflection and Refraction Preview
Waves - Sound Preview
Waves - The Doppler Effect and Red-shift Preview
Waves - The Expanding Universe Preview
Waves - The use of Waves in Communications Preview
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