Famous Sculptors
'The Angel of the North' is a famous sculpture near Newcastle.

Famous Sculptors

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 in Art and Design for children aged 5, 6 and 7 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with knowing about great artists, craft makers and designers, and understanding the historical and cultural development of their art forms. In particular it focusses on famous historical and modern sculptors and their works.

Studying art and design is partly about learning new techniques like shading or colour mixing, and partly about learning about the development of art over the centuries. One aspect of this is famous historical and modern sculptors whose works have shaped the art world.

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  1. Who sculpted the Bronze David in the 1440s?
    The sculpture depicts the young David, posed with his foot on Goliath’s severed head just after killing the giant
  2. Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor who works with what sort of media?
    Andy turns what he finds in the environment into sculptures and artwork
  3. Gutzon Borglum created a very famous sculpture in America. It is the heads of who?
    Gutzon completed the sculpture with his son, Lincoln
  4. Anthony Gormley is a British sculptor most famously known for which piece?
    The statue is enormous and is situated near Newcastle
  5. Auguste Rodin created a famous sculpture in 1889. What is it called?
    Although the sculpture is called 'The Kiss', the subjects' lips are not actually meeting!
  6. Henry Moore was an English sculptor. He is famous for which style?
    Moore worked in different media and in particular stone, wood and bronze
  7. Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, a French sculptor, sculpted something which France gave to America. What was it?
    The statue is of the Roman goddess, Libertas, and was given to the people of America by the people of France after the USA abolished slavery
  8. Edvard Eriksen is a sculptor noted for what?
    The Little Mermaid statue is only 1.25 metres high and weighs around 175 kg
  9. Michelangelo's most famous sculpture is called what?
    The statue represents the biblical character David, who was a popular subject at the time
  10. Rodin created a famous sculpture called what?
    The statue was originally called 'The Poet' and was meant to depict Dante at the gates of Hell

Author: Angela Smith

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