Pressing paint-covered things, like hands, onto paper is known as printing.


This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 in Art and Design for children aged 5, 6 and 7 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with understanding processes and techniques, and it focusses on materials.

Children will learn and then practise a variety of different processes and techniques to manipulate materials and media as they progress through KS1. They may be able to experiment with combining different media to see what happens or may apply techniques and processes they have already learnt in order to achieve a particular effect.

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  1. When an artist uses two or more materials in one piece, it is called what?
    Mixing different media together can give interesting effects
  2. What materials might you use to make a sketch?
    A quick sketch can be a good way of deciding how a finished piece might look
  3. Materials usually fall into one of two categories. What are they?
    Lots of artists use natural materials in their art
  4. What materials might you use to make a rubbing?
    Rubbings are very easy to do and look really effective
  5. Sticking lots of different pieces of card, paper, tissue or material to create a picture or design is called what?
    Even natural materials like twigs and leaves can be used in a collage
  6. Which of the following materials is the easiest to smudge?
    Smudging charcoal can give a softening effect for details like shadows
  7. To create a wax resist, what two materials might you use?
    The watery paint washes over the crayons and gives an interesting effect
  8. Pressing paint-covered items onto paper or fabric is known as what?
    You can use all sorts of different things to print with!
  9. If you wanted to add detail to a painting by adding felt tip pen lines, what might you do first?
    Adding details to a painting is a good idea, but better to be done when the paint is dry
  10. If you wanted to make a 3 dimensional container, what material might you use?
    3 dimensional means a solid object that you can hold

Author: Angela Smith

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