Code - An Introduction
What would you program a robot to do?

Code - An Introduction

This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2 in Computing. Specifically it is an introduction to code and building scripts and gives some examples of simple programs. It is one of 20 quizzes to help you find out about how computers work, and how they affect all our lives.

We have looked at examples of algorithms. Once you have your algorithm written down you have a simple plan. It has steps in it. But computers and robots cannot understand what you have written down. They only understand codes. These codes can be words, letters or numbers. They are like a special language. So you have to take each step in your algorithm and turn it into code. Codes make up units. Then we use these units when building scripts. Scripts can run programs. Programs have a lot of code to make a computer do a job.

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  1. What is computer code?
    One language used to write computer code is called Scratch. Have you used Scratch?
  2. An algorithm says: Go up 3 squares to the top of the screen.

    Which one of these could be code for this?
    Code is a series of very simple instructions
  3. Which one of these could be a code?
    What sort of code have you used?
  4. Adil wrote code to control a toy robot. Adil was ___________ the computer to move round the room.
    What could you programme a toy robot to do?
  5. To make a computer work, algorithms have to be turned into ____.
    The code used to create web pages is called HTML
  6. Sasha writes a program to draw a square. The program is made up of ____.
    Code can include words, but it is not like ordinary English
  7. Adil wants to control a toy robot moving round a room. Adil writes this step in his algorithm:

    Turn right at the wall.

    What could be the code for this?
    The toy robot must keep going until it reaches the wall, and then turn right
  8. A lot of code to do a job is called a _______.
    You can programme computers to do different jobs
  9. Code is written in short steps. A series of these steps in code is called a ______.
    An algorithm has steps, but they are not written in code
  10. Code can use symbols and numbers. What else could be a code for: Up 3 squares?
    Can you use these symbols to write down the code for: Down 4 squares?

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