Computer Software and Programs
Smoke signals are one way of sending messages but emails are more common today.

Computer Software and Programs

This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2 in Computing. Specifically it looks at some common computer software and programs. It is one of 20 quizzes to help you find out about how computers work, and how they affect all our lives.

Computers are now common to us all and there are lots of things you can do with one. Emails, Skype, games - all of these use software or programs. One piece of software will help you to write stories. Another will let you draw pictures. You can find things out with one and do sums with another. Another common use of computers is to keep in touch with our friends. This quiz is all about using computer programs.

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  1. Ellie is keeping a weather diary. She puts the information into a _____.
    Have you ever used a table on a computer?
  2. Clicker, Word and Powerpoint are all types of computer ________.
    What other programs do you use?
  3. Ellie’s teacher says, “Don’t forget to ____ your work."
    Always save your work regularly
  4. Sam and his family have been on holiday. After the holiday, Sam’s Dad puts lots of pictures from the camera onto the computer. He saves them in a folder called:
    Have you ever made a folder on a computer? What did you call it?
  5. Connor uses a computer to draw shapes. If the shape has less than four sides, he colours it blue. If it has four or more sides, he colours it red.

    What colour is this shape? ★
    How many sides has the star?
  6. Which one of these is a way of keeping in touch using a computer?
    Emails are used a lot by people at work
  7. Tom is doing a maths quiz on a computer. He is testing how good he is at ____.
    Have you tried our maths quizzes yet?
  8. Ellie is using the computer to draw a _____ showing her results.
    Have you ever made a chart using a computer?
  9. Toni is typing words into a computer. She is writing a _____.
    Toni can also write poems on a computer
  10. Sam’s older sister has lots of songs saved on her phone. She has them in a ________.
    What is your favourite song?

Author: David Bland

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