Computers For Work
Space rockets are controlled with the help of computers.

Computers For Work

This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2 in Computing. Specifically it looks at how computers are used in places of work and to do certain jobs. It is one of 20 quizzes to help you find out about how computers work, and how they affect all our lives.

Computers help you learn. They are also fun to play games on. They also keep us in touch. They let us get lots of information from the internet. But computers are also very important for doing jobs. Computers help us to do lots of different jobs. They are used in schools, shops, offices, factories and other places of work. This quiz looks at some uses of computers.

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  1. Nurses and doctors use computers in _________.
    There are lots of computers in hospitals
  2. In offices people write a lot using computers. They ____ the words on a keyboard.
    Can you use a keyboard to type words?
  3. Teachers use computers a lot. Some schools even use _________ to take the register.
    Does your school use a computer to take the register, or does the teacher mark your name in a book?
  4. Sam’s Mum uses a sat-nav in her car. It helps her find her way around. What does the sat-nav use to make it work?
    You guessed it - that uses a computer, too!
  5. Libraries have lots and lots of books. They keep a list of all their books on a computer. Which one of these is a long list on a computer?
    Shops also keep long lists of everything they sell
  6. Accountants are people who add up money. They use ___________ to help them.
    Accountants also use computers
  7. Space rockets are controlled by _________.
    Rockets, planes, ships, trains - they all use computers
  8. Sam’s Mum buys a coat in a shop. She does not hand over money. How does she pay for the coat?
    Sam’s Mum pays using a card and a special code. The computer works out how much she has to pay
  9. Shops use computers. Sam’s Mum has a trolley full of food. She takes it to the check-out. The shop assistant _____ the food.
    Every time something is scanned, the computer makes a blip noise
  10. Lots of factories use computers to help make things. The computers control the machines. The machines are _________.
    Robots are automated machines

Author: David Bland

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