Writing On A Computer
There are a lot of keys on a computer keyboard.

Writing On A Computer

This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2 in Computing. Specifically it looks at writing on a computer, for example stories or letters, word processing and editing. It is one of 20 quizzes to help you find out about how computers work, and how they affect all our lives.

Computers are good at lots of things. One thing they are used for is writing letters and stories. In school and at home people write using a computer. In offices and factories, computers are also used to write letters and emails. This quiz is all about using computers to write.

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  1. There are lots of keys on a keyboard. Which of these are keys on a keyboard?
    What do each of these keys do?
  2. Sophie is typing on a computer. There is a flashing black line to tell her where she is. This is called a ______.
    Sometimes cursors are coloured squares
  3. Clicker and Word are programs to help you to write _______.
    Have you used Clicker at school?
  4. Harry is writing about what he did on holiday. He writes:

    We were near the sea. We went to the beach everyday. I ____ in the sea.

    What word does he choose?
    Sometimes writing using a computer is called word processing
  5. Harry shows his story to his teacher. She says there are a few mistakes. She asks Harry to go back and put them right. Harry does this. This is called _______.
    Harry’s teacher is pleased with him
  6. Harry writes:

    I went to bed at eight o’clock every night.

    The word eight is in:
    Bold makes words stand out
  7. Harry also wrote:

    It was sunny every day.

    The word every is in:
    Italics also make words stand out
  8. The letters were only small. Harry wanted them to be bigger. So Harry changed the ____ of the letters.
    How letters look is called the format
  9. Harry wrote a title for his story:

    My Holiday

    The title was:
    Can you write a story called My Holiday?
  10. Harry adds a picture to his story. His teacher says it is so good that she wants to put it on the display board. So, Harry presses:
    Harry sends his story to the printer

Author: David Bland

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