Designs and Plans
People who design buildings are called architects.

Designs and Plans

This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Design and Technology for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically it looks at making and drawing simple designs and plans. It is one of 10 quizzes to help you with designing and making useful things, and finding out about how things are made.

Before making something you need to have a design. A design helps you decide what something will look like, how large it will be, and what it will be made from. There are lots of different ways to do a design - drawing plans with a pencil and paper, using a computer, doing a display, or building a simple model. You might even design a new logo.

  1. Ella is designing a box. She draws a box on a sheet of paper. What does she use to draw the box?
    Can you draw a design for a box?
  2. Ella finishes drawing the box. Then she colours it in. She uses a brush and _____ to colour it in.
    What colours do you think Ella should use?
  3. When Ella makes the box it will be in _____ dimensions.
    A drawing is two-dimensional. The actual, finished box is three-dimensional
  4. Ella wants to put her shoes into the box. How high should Ella’s box be?
    How high are your shoes?
  5. Ella has to decide which material to use to make her box. Which one of these would be the most sensible material to use?
    Why does Ella choose to use cardboard?
  6. Katie is designing a cover for her English book. She wants the book to stay dry in the rain. Which of these materials should Katie choose?
    Katie needs a material that is light but waterproof
  7. Mohammed has designed a new drinks can. He is going to call it ‘Splash!’ He designs a ____ to advertise ‘Splash!’
    What is your favourite logo?
  8. Sarah is an architect. She designs _________.
    What sort of building would you like to design?
  9. Sarah builds ______ of new buildings so people can see what they will look like.
    How would you make a model of your house?
  10. Sarah has designed a new house. She makes a model of the house. She shows it to people. A lot of people say that the house is too big. What should Sarah do?
    Can you do a design for a new house?

Author: David Bland

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