Lots of bikes have gears to go up hills and at different speeds.


This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Design and Technology for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically it looks at some simple machines and how they work. It is one of 10 quizzes to help you with designing and making useful things, and finding out about how things are made.

There are machines everywhere, and they do lots of different jobs. The computer or smart-phone you are using is a machine. There are machines in our homes and our places of work. In our houses they help to do the washing and the cleaning. There are machines in factories to help make things. Robots are machines. Engineers design, build and look after machines. How many of these quiz questions about machines can you answer?

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  1. Connor’s Mum works in a factory. She helps to design and build machines. Connor’s Mum is an ________.
    What do you want to be when you grow up?
  2. What machine helps to keep clothes clean?
    How does a washing machine work?
  3. Which one of these machines is used to clean the carpets in a house?
    Vacuum cleaners are often called hoovers
  4. What is needed to make both washing machines and vacuum cleaners work?
    Lots of machines use electricity
  5. Sunil’s Mum is painting a door. The lid of the tin of paint is stuck on. Sunil’s Mum gets a screwdriver. She uses the screwdriver to prise the lid off the tin of paint. Sunil’s Mum has been using a _____.
    What else might you open with a lever?
  6. Freddie is building a toy car. He makes the body. Then he adds wheels. Why does he add wheels?
    Lots of machines have wheels so they can move more easily
  7. Freddie puts the wheels on to axles. What do the axles do?
    The axles also connect the wheels to the body of the car
  8. Emma is on her bike. When she has to go up a hill she changes ____.
    Lots of machines, like bikes and cars, have gears so they can go at different speeds and work harder
  9. Sam is in a big shop with his mum. They want to go up to the second floor. They use a machine to go up to the second floor. What machine do they use?
    Lifts are also machines
  10. Which one of these parts of a car is a machine?
    Most cars have petrol or diesel engines

Author: David Bland

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