Textiles, Fabrics and Sewing
Embroidery is patterns which are sewn into a fabric.

Textiles, Fabrics and Sewing

This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Design and Technology for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically it looks at textiles, fabrics and basic skills like sewing. It is one of 10 quizzes to help you with designing and making useful things, and finding out about how things are made.

There are lots of things you can make from sewing together textiles. Clothes, sheets, covers, bags and towels are all made from textiles. So are cushions, wall hangings and curtains. Textiles use soft materials or fabrics, usually cotton or wool. They can be decorated with embroidery or as a tapestry.

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  1. Most clothes are made from pieces of cloth. The pieces of cloth are ____ together.
    What is used to do the sewing? - A needle
  2. Jack has made a hat. What can he use to decorate the hat?
    Ribbon is used a lot for decoration and to make sashes
  3. Callum is designing a cover for his mobile phone. His mobile phone is red. Callum wants the cover to match his mobile phone. Which of these colours of cloth would be best for Callum to use?
    Pink is the nearest of these colours to red
  4. Which of these can be made from textiles?
    Can you make a list of all the things that can be made from textiles? It could be a very long list!
  5. Textiles can be man-made. But many textiles are made from cotton cloth. What is another word for the cloth?
    Sometimes cloth or fabric is just called ‘material’
  6. Sarah has just made a cushion cover. She decides to decorate it by sewing patterns into it with colourful thread. This is called __________.
    Embroidery uses a needle and thread
  7. Harry is designing an umbrella. What sort of fabric does he need for the umbrella?
    The umbrella must keep the rain out
  8. Maria is making a skirt. The design is on thin pieces of paper. Maria pins the paper to the cloth. She cuts round the design on the paper. The design on the paper is called a _______.
    What does Maria use to cut round the pattern?
  9. What is used to sew clothes together?
    Can you get the thread through the eye of the needle? It’s not easy!
  10. Lucy is making a jumper. She makes it from wool. Lucy is ________ the jumper.
    Most hand-knitting is done with two long needles

Author: David Bland

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