Tools For Making Things
There are many different types of tools - from needles to pneumatic drills.

Tools For Making Things

This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Design and Technology for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically it looks at some of the basic tools used for making different things, which children might be familiar with. It is one of 10 quizzes to help you with designing and making useful things, and finding out about how things are made.

There are lots of different ways of making things. But nearly everything is made using tools. This quiz looks at some of the tools used to make things, from cakes to chairs, gloves to garden sheds. What sort of tools have you used already? Let’s find out a little bit more about some of the basic tools. And don’t forget - be careful when using any tool.

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  1. Maria is making a dress. She cuts the cloth with a pair of ________.
    Are you good at cutting straight?
  2. Maria is making a dress. What sort of machine does she use to help her to make the dress?
    Have you ever used a sewing machine?
  3. Freddie is ready to bake his cake. He puts the cake into:
    What have you baked in an oven?
  4. Freddie has to add 200ml of milk to his mixture. What does Freddie use?
    Can you measure liquids?
  5. Jack is sewing. Which tool does he use?
    Thread is the material. It is made of cotton. Needle is the tool he uses with the thread
  6. Callum likes riding his bike. But his front wheel has a puncture. What does Callum use to remove the front wheel?
    Have you ever used a spanner?
  7. Natasha is joining together two pieces of wood. She uses nails and a ______.
    Have you ever used a hammer?
  8. Freddie is making a cake. He puts the ingredients into a bowl. He mixes the cake with a ______.
    Big spoons for mixing are often made from wood
  9. Ella is making a box. The sides have to be 30 cm long. What does Ella use to measure the length of the sides?
    Are you good at measuring?
  10. Sasha is using a glue-stick. Which of these is a glue-stick best at joining together?
    Not everything can be just glued together

Author: David Bland

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